Fashion and movies share a symbolic relationship, each influencing the other differently. Fashion needs to expand and reach people through movies, and movies need the support of fashion to help them stand out.

Stitch Fix research indicates that 92% of stylists believe blockbusters, sporting events, and concerts will have an impact on fashion trends in 2024. And more importantly, 81% of the clients agree!

Today, we invite you to discover how major films influenced fashion and customer behavior in the last few years and what to expect in 2024.

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People absolutely love getting outfit inspiration from movies!

A Look Back at Past Years: How Blockbuster Movies and TV Shows Influenced Fashion Trends

There is no doubt that blockbusters can set trends, which happens because people take inspiration from the clothes the characters wear.

Before we talk about what’s in store for 2024, let’s take a look at a couple of examples of trendsetting TV shows and movies from previous years!

2021: Gossip Girl Brings Back the Varsity Jacket

Gossip Girl, a series from HBO Max, rekindled a new appreciation for preppy style. According to Glamour Magazine, varsity and uniform-style clothing was in high demand after the show’s reboot in 2021.

For example:

  • Plaid vests: +47%
  • Tennis skirts: +41%
  • High-collar shirts: +34%
  • Varsity jackets: 53%

Check out these looks inspired by Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl.

@lailanysotaSi gossip girl se recreara en 2023 🐕❤️💅🏻♬ Young Folks – Shindig Society

2023: The Influence of Barbiecore

Since Margot Robbie was pictured on set last June playing the iconic Mattel doll in the highly-anticipated Barbie film, pink has been on everyone’s mind. (Well, almost everyone!)

After the Barbie movie trailer was released, Barbiecore resurged. Fans started creating their own Barbie-inspired looks that featured vibrant hues of pink. Here is some data—also from Stitch Fix—on how Barbie influenced clients:

  • 300% increase in client requests for Barbie-inspired outfits
  • 47% draw fashion inspiration from the real-life Barbie counterpart, Margot Robbie

Here are some looks that fit the Barbiecore vibe: I had to 💘 #barbiecore #barbie #pinkoutfits #pink #barbieoutfits ♬ Hi Barbie Hi Ken Barbie Movie Only In Theaters – Barbie Movie

What are the Major Movies of 2024 that We Expect to Influence Fashion Trends?

You can discover new opportunities for your brand by knowing which big 2024 releases are most likely to influence trends. Here’s what we’re expecting to see this year:

Mean Girls

In the realm of beloved teen movies, 2004’s Mean Girls is immortal. The Mean Girls remake from 2024 is its own Gen Z thing. We see a lot of athleisure, vintage, and secondhand thrifting inspiration throughout.

Interestingly, a lot of Gen Z fashion borrows trends from the Y2K era and even decades before that!

Here are some recreations of the Mean Girls style:

@jadeeevice Recreating Mean girls 2024 outfits 🎀🤍 #meangirls #meangirlsmovie #reginageorge #gretchenwieners #outfit ♬ original sound – Jadee

Beetlejuice 2

After the success of Wednesday and how it resurrected the gothic look, we know people are *not afraid* to get inspired by horror movies. Tim Burton returns to the underworld of his spooky 1988 comedy in Beetlejuice 2, so keep an eye out for it.

Willem Dafoe and Jenna Ortega, who both worked with Burton on Wednesday, join the ghostly crew. Beetlejuice has been a source of style inspiration in recent years (see below), and we expect this trend to amplify when the Beetlejuice 2 film drops later this year.

@mallgothmeg My beetlejuice inspired outfits! Everything is tagged on IG! 🖤🖤 #beetlejuice #spooky #altoutfits #outfitinspo #altstyle ♬ BEETLEJUICE THEME SONG – REMIX – Keiron Raven & Trap Music Now

Joker 2: Folie à Deux

Remember the 2019 Joker film? If you loved it, you’re in for a treat this year.

Joker 2: Folie à Deux drops in October. This time around, director Todd Phillips and actor Joaquin Phoenix are back, but the wildest part is Lady Gaga’s role as Harley Quinn—the Joker’s girlfriend, co-sociopath, and literal partner in crime.

We expect Lady Gaga’s version of Harley Quinn to spark style inspiration worldwide. Harley Quinn has had many looks over the years, and 2024 won’t be any different.

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