About Scrappy Apparel

It’s All About The Journey

Founded in 2006, Scrappy Apparel, Company was established as an online shop selling graphic tees. The two Scrappy OGs, Grant and Chris, personally pressed every single shirt! It wasn’t just about the tees, though. Scrappy Music was a side project that encouraged independent musicians to submit their music and stream it through our online radio platform. Eventually, those same musicians asked Scrappy to print their shirts. Inspired by their passion, we set our sights on bigger goals and greater accomplishments. Take a look at some of our highlights through the years…

  • Printing “Made in Heaven” on all shirt neck labels back in the early days.
  • Getting banned from Craigslist in 2006. Apparently we marketed too hard in the band/musician section. Craigslist didn’t appreciate the persistence. 
  • Designing and selling the original North Coast Music Festival t-shirts in Chicago.
  • Organizing “Scrappy Hours” with local bands, restaurants, and Sweetwater Brewing Company in Atlanta. 
  • Keeping the dream (and our bank accounts) alive by coaching youth soccer and working service industry jobs like valet parking. 
  • Building an international network of vendors, suppliers and manufacturers. 

These accomplishments are a direct reflection of our unmatched work ethic and unflinching perseverance. Scrappy has grown from its humble warehouse roots and developed into an international success. Grant and Chris aren’t pressing shirts anymore, which we’re all thankful for; but, they have worked hard to expand Scrappy’s services to include exceptional screen printing, embroidery, private labeling, cut and sew manufacturing, and sublimation. 

The Scrappy Teams feels incredibly fortunate to still work in an industry that encourages independent artists and self expression. We are sincerely grateful to each and every person, band, restaurant, and business who trusts us with their project. You continue to push us to be better, faster, cooler, and Scrappy-ier! You deserve nothing less.


Special – Go above and beyond the status quo in all areas to help us and our customers win.

Creative – Fast on your feet thinking to overcome challenges

Respect – Team members, ourselves, our customers

Accountable  – for delivering on our commitments

Performance – drive, relentless effort, all in plus some to help the company and our customers win

Professional – conduct, on time, and etiquette

Youthful – speedy, energetic, ideas, fun


To work hard every day to empower customers – big and small alike – to create products that add value to their brand identity.

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