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For Growing Brands Who Need Lower MOQ’s, Retail Ready Garments, Streamline Production, and Error-Free Deliveries.

High Volume
Apparel Solutions

For Established Brands Who Have Large Ongoing Apparel Orders & Require Solutions To Continue Scaling Their Brand.

Our Brand Building Process (BBP) for custom apparel printing is efficient for us and effortless for you.

Our BBP is your new best friend. It’s the structure that ensures your order is printed with precision and delivered on time. The BBP is proprietary—it’s a tested and proven process driven by our team of industry experts. So, if you need a custom apparel partner you can trust, you’re looking right at ‘em.

How Scrappy’s Brand Building Process (BBP) Works

Initial Consultation

Curious if Scrappy is your perfect brand match? Schedule a Consultation Call, the foundation of our lasting partnership. We’ll delve into your vision, goals, and set the stage for a seamless collaboration. At Scrappy, we’re all about lasting relationships, not quick business flings.

Collaboration with Your Client Success Manager

Your dedicated Client Success Manager will be your guiding force throughout our partnership. Together, you will define and execute current and future apparel projects that align seamlessly with your brand’s identity and objectives.

Streamlined Production Management

Leveraging our efficient supply chain, we ensure streamlined production management. From sourcing materials to implementing stringent quality control, we oversee the entire production process, maintaining the highest standards for your apparel.

Efficient Shipping and Logistics

To ensure a seamless experience, we manage the logistics, from packaging to shipping, ensuring your apparel reaches its intended destination on time and in impeccable condition. This final step in our process guarantees a hassle-free experience for you and your customers.

After scheduling your initial call, we will connect you with one of our Client Success Managers, who will collaborate with you to create the best apparel program to scale your brand.

Our customers are our #1 priority. Your Scrappy sales rep will always have your back.

Custom apparel printing should be effortless, hassle-free, and fun.

We developed our piece-of-cake ordering process with creatives in mind.

Want to focus on your apparel designs and have a trustworthy partner handle the production of your order? Then we’re a match made in heaven.

On top of that, we offer lightning-fast turnaround times, and we never cut corners on quality. We’ll always meet your deadlines.

We don’t give excuses. Only results that exceed your expectations.

Design high-quality custom t-shirts your friends will want to steal.

You know the shirt that mysteriously disappeared after you got a suspicious number of compliments on it?

We do—because our apparel is that good. We handpick our products to ensure they are silk soft, durable, and ready to wear.

It takes a lot to get the Scrappy stamp of approval, so you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality products on the market when you order from us.

Ready to rock? Check out our core products and services.

We manufacture our own brand garments and collaborate with major wholesalers and the finest independent distributors

Retail Ready
Screen Printing

Sell it, wear it, Instagram it—these garments are ready for all of the above (and more).
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All Over
Sublimation Printing

Love your design so much that you want to print it all over a shirt? Let’s sublimate it!
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Prepared for Dye

Has had no optic whiteners added and is off-white in color. Is sewn with cotton thread (so the stitching dyes the same color).
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Custom Hats

A great hat speaks for itself. We’ll manufacture your hat from scratch so you can get the exact look and feel you want.
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At Scrappy Apparel, our goal is to check all the boxes on your custom apparel wishlist.

We pay attention to all the feedback we receive because it tells us what our customers are looking for in a custom apparel partner.

Top Tier

Top-tier products

A brand as timeless as yours deserves to be represented by durable garments, long-lasting inks, and soft fabrics. At Scrappy Apparel, quality is the name of our game. Your brand is in good hands when you work with us.

On Time

On-time deliveries

We print and deliver at superhuman speed (so fast that our competitors can’t keep up!)

No more delays and disappointment. Our deliveries arrive early or on time—absolutely never late.

A rockstar customer support team

Call us old-fashioned, but we believe that real humans provide better customer support than AI-generated chatbots that ask you
to repeat yourself over and over again until you give up.

At Scrappy Apparel, our customer support is unmatched.

Our experts are ready to:
  • Help you solve a problem
  • Give you advice on your project
  • Answer any questions you have about our services

Feeling stuck? Drop us a line!

For general questions about getting started, we are available from Monday through Friday 10:00 am- 5:00 pm.

Want to create your own custom t-shirts for printing?
Here’s how we can help.

We offer free resources and design templates to help you ideate, create, and order your custom apparel. Yup, that’s right. Our resources are free forever (because we love you).



Why invest in custom apparel printing instead of other advertising strategies?

If you don’t believe a t-shirt can help you grow your brand, here are some #FACTS to consider:
A branded t-shirt is a wearable advertisement.
Custom apparel is cost-effective.
Company swag will help you strengthen the culture of your organization.
Custom apparel can work for any brand.

Think about where your employees, customers, and community members spend their time.

A busy mall? A crowded sporting event? A sold-out concert?

Every time someone sports your brand, you score a free advertising placement.

No six-figure ads budget? No problem! Custom apparel can help you scale your brand to the heavens with a relatively small upfront cost.

A branded t-shirt will help your employees feel like they’re a part of your company’s mission. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in.
It doesn’t matter whether your brand is big or small.
It doesn’t matter which stage of development your brand is in.

We’re proud to offer discounts to active duty military personnel, veterans, and nonprofits.

It’s the least we can do to thank you for your service. Ask us about the discounts we have available, and we’ll hook you up to show our appreciation.

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