If you’ve turned on your TV (or even scrolled on TikTok) this year, chances are you’ve seen A LOT of pink—thanks to the new Barbie film, which grossed $1 billion in box office sales within the first 17 days after its premiere, according to BBC News.

The movie’s massive appeal, combined with the enduring allure of the Barbie brand, transformed a nostalgic shade of pink into a contemporary fashion phenomenon.

“Barbiecore” is one of the trends dominating summer 2023 in the wake of the film’s release.

Today, we’re going to cover:

  • What Barbiecore is
  • How the iconic Barbie pink color influences the trend
  • The power of color recognition in branding
  • How Scrappy Apparel can help you stay on brand at all times

Whether you’ve seen the Barbie film or not, the buzz surrounding it is hard to ignore—so let’s talk about the iconic brand and the trend it inspired!

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The Inevitable Triumph of the Barbie Movie

In 1959, a visionary American businesswoman named Ruth Handler had an idea that would shape the toy industry for countless kids around the world.

She dreamt up Barbie, a fashion-forward doll that would soon become a household name. Partnering with the toy giant, Mattel, Inc., Barbie quickly began to stride her tiny plastic heels across the globe.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find her being adored in every nook and cranny from Europe to Asia. Both a companion for children and a cherished collectible for adults, Barbie has earned a place in our history (and hearts!)

Mattel, well-aware of the gem they had in Barbie, went all out on their marketing campaigns to make her a global sensation.

According to Yale Insights, more than 90% of girls have a Barbie to call their own. The 2023 Barbie film had a $700 million valuation even before she graced the big screen.

Barbie appealed to both children and adult moviegoers—and according to Wired, this was a key ingredient that contributed to the film’s success.

Just as Barbie dolls have fans all over, the movie made waves in some seriously big markets, including the UK, Mexico, and China. The global audience simply couldn’t get enough of Barbie’s cinematic charm.

Barbie’s not just a doll. She’s an icon—and as we’ve seen throughout history, many icons are known for sparking new fashion sensations.

What is Barbiecore?

“Barbiecore” is the vibrant summer fashion trend inspired by Barbie’s signature pink hue. Pantone 219 C, otherwise known as “Barbie Pink,” has inspired summer outfits everywhere. Social media has the proof.

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Barbiecore isn’t just a color. It’s about style, too. Matching sets, ruffles, and chic blazers are also part of the trend.

barbie pinkThe Power of Color Recognition in Branding

Color recognition is a powerful tool in branding. It helps create a visual affinity with customers and makes products recognizable.

That’s exactly what Barbie Pink has done for the movie and the trend it inspired.

Color is so much more than a design choice. According to Oberlo, using a signature color can increase brand recognition by 80%.

Color psychology also influences how customers interact and respond to products. Red can incite high energy levels, while green is commonly associated with stability and growth. HubSpot says that color psychology can influence purchasing decisions by up to 85%. It’s a colorful world out there, and those hues are working overtime, telling stories and building connections without saying a word.

For Barbie, the pink hue represents her signature sense of style—and it has become an integral part of her brand identity.

How Pantone Color Matching Can Make Your Brand Instantly Recognizable

Pantone is a standardized color system used around the globe. It’s recognized by many industries, including apparel! The system ensures that specific colors look the same everywhere.

For brands like yours, this is huge! If you want to stand out with a signature look, Pantone color matching can help you create an instantly recognizable brand.

Consistency is key in branding. Imagine ordering your company’s logo on a bunch of merchandise and the color varies from one item to the next. Not a great look, right?

With Pantone, brands can be confident that their signature color will be spot-on every time, creating that essential, consistent brand image that resonates with audiences.

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This isn’t just about getting the colors right—it’s about ensuring brand consistency across all apparel, from uniforms to promotional items, creating a unified and professional brand image.

Whether you’re aiming to boost brand recognition or leave a lasting impression, the magic of custom dyes and washes can make all the difference. Instead of settling for off-the-shelf colors, you can create a unique look that reinforces your brand. We can create garments with treatments like tie-dye, lightning wash, camo wash, dip dye, and more.

Branding is all about the details. You can elevate your apparel even more with our private labeling program. For a small additional cost per garment, we’ll add your brand name and logo on the inside of the garment. We offer custom neck labels that add a personalized touch, weaving in your unique brand elements, from taglines to care instructions.

We have the capabilities to help your apparel stay on-brand all the time, and that’s one of the many reasons you should choose Scrappy Apparel as your manufacturing partner.

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