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Private Label Clothing And Finishing

Own your brand and complete your clothing with a custom neck label

Step it Up, with

Private Label Clothing

Your Private Label Clothing Line.
For A Few Bucks More Per Shirt

You poured blood, sweat and tears into the design of your gear. It deserves to be placed along the most polished of private label clothing brands. As for those few bucks more,
they’re actually going to earn you more, too. Because, mon frère, as all good private label clothing companies know, you’ll be able to charge more to MORE than make those dollars back.

Private Label Clothing
Is Icy Cool Cred

We’re trusted by big brands and global labels to deliver not only rock-steady private label clothing, but to also add the branded tags, and to individually wrap and pack. Now that’s what we call service.

Your Smooooth
Private Label Clothing Line

Private label clothing adds slick credibility to your clothing, but branded messages in your apparel instead? That’s just showing off.

Add a short mission statement, a witty remark, your tag line or fun festival message. Now that’s what we call audience interaction, and we’ve got a feeling your people will LOVE the originality of your private label clothing line.

Ready to join the private label clothing
companies we delight?

Good move, buster. And while you’re at it, you may want to send us your labels
and hang tags. We’ll attach them for free so all your stuff is retail-ready to go

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