Private label the apparel of your dreams

Add the cherry on top (a.k.a. the personalized neck label) to all of your custom-made apparel.

Make it yours both inside and out with private labeling.

Your Private Label Clothing Line.
Your custom clothing deserves a personalized touch.

When you put THAT much into a design, your clothes should represent you both inside and out. For those accidental inside-out moments, people will still see your amazing brand.

All jokes aside, private labeling for your custom apparel is the icing on the cake when you see your hard work come to life. And although the few extra bucks seem extra, that label will become worth it once you can charge more for your work.

Private label your masterpieces.

When big, international brands choose to work with us, they keep in mind the quality of our work. Not only do we offer quality private labeling, but we add branded tags and carefully wrap and pack each order. You can call us the full package.

Add a little bit of spice to your custom apparel

Although adding a private label seems like the perfect touch to your clothing, imagine how cool it would be to add your favorite words. Now, THAT’S a personal touch.

Whether it’s a mission statement, your favorite joke, or words of wisdom, people will love seeing just how much personality your custom apparel holds.

Ready to take true ownership of your custom apparel?

Let’s get to it. Send us the details for your private labeling project and we can get to work. If you need help, we offer neck label design services (and much more) for your brand.

P.S. Send us your labels and hang tags so we can attach them free of charge. We have your back like that.

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