Before you start reading this blog, we ask you to please just peek out of your window and pay attention to what most people are wearing. And we mean both men and women.

Any guesses? Well, it is not rocket science.

If you just notice for two minutes, you will realize that the most common and popular combination is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. In fact, if you think hard, you will gather that a tee and jeans are visible in malls, grocery stores, sports events, casual outings, among college-going groups, and more. But have you thought about why this is the most sought-after combination? We mean to say, that a pair of jeans can look good on a shirt too but why only a t-shirt with jeans gives you the best feeling?

That’s Simply Because Of These Three Cs:

  • Comfort: T-shirts are one of the handiest garments. Soft on skin, light-in-weight, and airy! That is why they can be worn for a whole day without getting tired, sweaty, or crushed. We all crave comfort.
  • Collection: You will be amazed to know that almost 62% of Americans claim to own more than 10 t-shirts. So, if we do the maths, there are approximately 1.5 billion t-shirts in the United States alone. And you know what’s more? Well, if we try, then 1.5 billion t-shirts could actually circle the globe 34 times. Isn’t that just… WOW!

Talking of which, people tend to buy t-shirts over formal shirts most of the time because they are readily available and you can wear them anytime. We are sure, if you go and check your wardrobe, you will definitely find more t-shirts than formal shirts in your collection.

  • Creativity: You know the struggle to match your formal shirts with trousers or skirts. But do you struggle the same way when you plan on wearing a t-shirt? The answer is simple – No!

We wear t-shirts over types of denim, trousers, track pants, shorts, skirts, tights and more. You can choose to be creative or basic. It is completely up to you. And these days, it is so easy to get a customized t-shirt with your choice of design, pattern, print, fabric, etc., which is not quite easy to do with other garments. So, in all, t-shirts are a way to show your creativity and stay quirky!

So, now we know why we love t-shirts. However, it is sad but true that we cannot wear t-shirts on all occasions. Now, you must be wondering what occasions? The t-shirts can be worn year-round. What is the problem? But before you get all emotional about the limitations of wearing a t-shirt, let us explain some occasions where it will be wise to avoid wearing a t-shirt.

5 Occasions Where You Should Avoid Wearing a T-Shirt

Formal Occasions

There is nothing to explain. It is what it is. Formal occasions mostly have a dress code, and if not, wearing a t-shirt will make you the odd one out and look careless or (duh!) silly. Occasions such as Weddings, Funerals, Church Meetings, Baptisms, etc. These occasions become memories, and you do not want to be remembered as someone silly entering the event in a funky tee.

Comfort T-shirts


The first impression is the last (ing) impression. And if your first impression comes out to be a carefree, comfy person, there are chances you may have to appear for more interviews. These days many people say that sporting a t-shirt with a fitted blazer gives you a chic look and enhances your personality. But believe it when we say that there is nothing like ‘smart casual.’ It is a myth. Especially if you are the one on this side of the table, appearing for the interview in a t-shirt may go very much against you.


Talking of interviews, we must not forget that t-shirts are not a smart choice for workplace attire. Most IT companies worldwide have strict no t-shirts on a weekday policy. And to break the monotony, there are fun Fridays where people wear casuals, and here you can, of course, pull your chic look, but that’s just for one day. Rest of the working week you must wear formals. However, this is invalid only if your organization has a more relaxed nature of work and allows wearing casuals throughout the week.

The Fine Dine Code

Whether it is a restaurant, hotel, or a lovely dinner with your spouse, we say – Do Not Wear T-Shirts. Period!

We know how comfortable and relaxing a t-shirt can be when you are already under pressure to behave your best in a fine dining event, but please do not get tempted. Now, we all know that elite restaurants follow dress codes, and after scoring a table in a select restaurant, you would not like to end up in a tee and sneakers.

Special tip: Out of experience, stick to something very formal while on your visit to a fancy restaurant. A formal shirt with rather dark-colored trousers or might as well suit up.

Fine Dine Code

First Date

Here we do not mean only the first date with your crush but also the first date with your business partner or client. Regardless of how dashing you look in a t-shirt, ditch your temptation this time. A crush or a client is like a delicate flower. They will stay only if you handle them delicately. While a formal t-shirt in a formal set-up looks delicate, we are sure a t-shirt may just rough your way. Thus, suggesting that on such occasions, try to look sharper than smarter. We hope you understand our point! (Wink-Wink!)


Now, what do you think of wearing a t-shirt on any occasion regardless of the severity or importance? Well, we may have given you an eye-opener, but hey, we still love t-shirts over formal shirts. It is like a second skin to all of us. We understand that we left you thinking about this, but fashion is absolutely a person’s personal choice. We may give you suggestions but ultimately what you want to wear is up to you.

We say that there is a reason why formal shirts are called ‘formal,’ but when it comes to t-shirts… Well, you can’t add so many adjectives at once. Choose wisely!