Every year we celebrate World Food Day on 16th October to commemorate the date of the founding of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. This year is all the more special because we have been fighting a pandemic for a long time while the world is already facing food depravities and scarcity. The Covid-19 pandemic has already been a threat to food security in many parts of the world. So, it is time to educate more and more people about the importance of this day and the food we eat and make this year a better one for all of us.

But what is different that you can do this year?

Events, rallies, social media promotions are there, but how do you make a difference? What is an innovative way to celebrate the occasion of World Food Day?

We say: Wear What You Want to Preach.

The Main Idea

As we talk of World Food Day, we must remember that educating the young generation is more important. It is not about food choices but limiting food wastage, respecting food products and producers, and eating healthy.

In order to do that, the best way to go with the trend. And that is where we say wear what you want to preach. Yes, the main idea is to print a t-shirt, especially for the occasion, and float that in the market to spread knowledge in a fun and entertaining way.

Who Should Get a Printed T-Shirt?

This is not specific to a certain crowd-type product because everyone wears a tee. So, go for all shapes, sizes, and ages. Get prints that are educating in a serious or fun manner. It can be for anyone, and to name some, we have a list:

  •  Colleagues/Employees:

Get your colleagues these cool printed World Food Day t-shirts to show that you care about the environment, food sources, and the World in general. This will not just gain you their respect and love but will also make you one of the organizations that value such things. This will be good for you in the long run as your employees and colleagues will support you and your clients will be impressed.

  •  Gift for The Clients:

Enough of diaries and pens… Stay up-to-date with the trendy printed t-shirts for this World Food Day. Giving a customized gift always creates an impact on the clients. It makes you look concerned for their well-being and ignites hope for a better future. It also says that you have paid attention to the occasion and the client in deciding on a gift, ultimately gaining their trust.

Who Should Get a Printed T-Shirt

  •  School/College Events:

If 20 young children are wearing a customized t-shirt with your brand logo, just imagine how brilliantly it spreads the name of your company without a lot of hard work. Events like World Food Day are meant to promote yourself. It is a good way to advertise while giving back to the environment. This way you don’t add up to the environmental hazards of plastic because cloth fiber isn’t bad. It’s a win-win for you from all ends.

T-shirt Ideas for World Food Day

Knowing that customized t-shirts for World Food Day are a good thought, we thought that it will help you know some design ideas too.

  •  What’s in The Name?

If you want to be just simple and upfront, take it to your print masters. Get a t-shirt that only reads ‘World Food Day’ along with your logo. It is complete in itself and explains what you are focusing on. This simple design can be accessorized with the help of stylish fonts, colors, graphics, etc. All we want you is to see that your message is traveling freely.

  •  Print Your Favorite Food

Everyone has their own food choices. You can be either a noodle person or a pizza person, or both. Get your tee with a print of your favorite food. This can be animated or a real picture depending on your choice, but one thing we can assure you is that whatever you choose, make your tee and your persona look fabulous in that custom tee for this World Food Day.

  •  Proud About Your Choice

With so many food choices available for all of us, it is hard to say who is who. Like initially, there were vegetarians, and then there were non-vegetarians. But now we have a long list like Vegans, Eggetarians, Pollotarians, Flexitarian, Paleotarian, Fruitarian, Pescatarian, and the list goes on. So, as we are free to choose what to eat, show it on your print.

  •  Be Wordy

If you are not a fan of graphics, go for words and be worthy!

Get a sentence printed on your custom t-shirt that speaks for itself. It can be a quote or simply something that catches your mind. Something like ‘Joey doesn’t share food.’ Like there is nothing dramatic about this, but it somehow brings a smile to your face. Doesn’t it!

Similarly, you can get words printed on your tee that completes your feeling.

T-shirt Ideas for World Food Day

  •  Impress with Humor

Food-related humor goes a long way. You don’t have to be a comedian to do that. Even the slightest of wit can make you sound humorous. Be sarcastic, be happy, be funny. Humor makes you look reliable and trustworthy. So, if you are planning to get a tee for your employees, you must choose humor to keep it light.

The Conclusion

By now, you must have the ideas rolling your mind for your next print design. And we are sure that your design will definitely turn heads on this World Food Day. Wear your custom printed tee to your workplace or on an outing with friends and while you are just being casual, educate the world about the importance of food sources and products.