For men, usually, a day starts with waking up and then getting immersed into their busy schedules. From selecting what to wear, when to leave home, where to drop the kids to struggling to reach the office in time. And this doesn’t end here. Men also need to stay attentive in meetings, have the tasks completed in time, manage to call the better half, talk to parents to check on them, and so much more. And while this looks like a simple routine, we often forget that men forget to pay attention to themselves during all this.

Do you know:

  • 76% of suicide cases are men
  • The majority of the homeless population in America is men, who are around 85%
  • More than 75% of homicide victims are men.

And this is not just about men being the prey of physical abuse but also mental discrimination. For example, when you go on a highway, how often do you encounter a billboard of a cosmetic product or a cleaning product with men as their lead? Women are beautiful, and we respect them, but in elevating the other genders, men are always left far behind.

And though not all of them say it, they also desire to be wanted. To be respected. To be celebrated!

That is why International Men’s Day is celebrated on 19th November by 80 countries worldwide to raise awareness about physical and mental health, improve gender relations, and promote gender equality. In addition, it is a great way to recognize the achievements and positive contributions of men towards society, family, marriage, childcare, workplace, and nation.


Benefits of Celebrating International Men’s Day

  1. Celebrating a day dedicated to men will promote positivity. It has been noticed that men of all ages respond more energetically when they are valued than when they face gender stereotyping.
  2. Decreased discrimination against men improves and promotes gender equality and gender relations. In return, men are likely to pay back with enhanced love and care. This goes for family, friends, and social circles.


How to Make Men Feel Special

Now that you know that the world is celebrating International Men’s Day, you must not sit back. It can be anyone – Dad, Brother, Son, Partner, Uncle, Cousin, Nephew, Husband, Boyfriend, Neighbor, Teacher, Friend, Colleague… the list goes on. First, however, you need to think about how you want to make them feel special.

Nowadays, due to awareness about this cause, companies often have the policy to pamper their employees like what they do on Women’s Day. So, in fact, if you are thinking to make your male role model feel extra special, think of what can be done that is especially meant for him and shows that you made an effort? A bouquet? A spa day? A special dinner? Vouchers or coupons? Well, all these are cliched and have been there for as long as we are. But what is that one thing that will make your efforts stand out?

We suggest you give them a customized t-shirt tailored just for them. It is not a shared gift like a coupon or a spa day. A custom t-shirt is a personalized gift that really shows that you care for them. Not only this, a custom tee is a gift they can cherish even after the day is gone. It has a long lifespan and doesn’t wear off easily.

You can make customization according to their liking or choices. The best part, if you have a family full of men, you can get a bulk order for a cost-effective way of gifting with pleasure. And let’s not forget, who doesn’t like a custom tee as a gift?!

But if you are wondering that the idea is great, how should you design the custom tee? Then, worry not. You are at the right place. Let’s discuss a few ideas for custom t-shirts for International Men’s Day.


T-shirt Ideas for International Men’s Day


Celebrate Their Occupation:

If you are proud of the man you want to celebrate for what they do, then it is time you celebrate their occupation with a custom tee that showers respect for their duty and their hard work. For example, your role model can be a doctor, and during the testing times of pandemic, all the doctors and nurses acted like angels. So, it is a good idea to make them feel special. So, get them a customized t-shirt this men’s day and let them feel valued!

T-shirt Ideas for International Men’s Day

Celebrate Their Relation:

It is not necessary that you only celebrate your friends or colleagues, even your nearest ones need love. For example, your dad or granddad. They may be old or conventional, but who doesn’t like some cozy pampering?

For the same reason, we suggest you can go for a custom tee that states your relationship with the men you want to celebrate. After all, the first man to hold your hand was your dad. Why not celebrate them?

However, you can steal this idea for your brother or husband too. Who says you can’t cheat a little!

Celebrate Their Relation

Celebrate It with a Quote:

Have your feelings written down on a customized t-shirt! That is the magic of a custom tee. Of course, you can have absolutely anything printed on your custom tee. So, while we are celebrating men’s day, we might as well tell them how we feel about them with the help of a quote or something that we want to write on our own.

A T-shirt is a piece of clothing and will remain with them for a very long time, so while you are designing your tee, we suggest that you must express your emotions in a way that makes them feel special. A little piece of appreciation will definitely make them feel touched!

Celebrate with Simplicity:

Are you not a fan of flaunting? Well, we have an idea for you too. We celebrate men’s day, so what can be better than just getting that printed on a custom tee and letting them guess what makes them special! In fact, if you are social media savvy, then this is another occasion to click selfies. And having a fun outing in a men’s day special tee is definitely going to make your Instagram look nice!

Additionally, this tee will always remind them of the day and the love they received from you. So make everything worth it for them!

Celebrate with The Family

Celebrate with The Family:

Is your family grateful for the efforts of the men in the house? Then why not celebrate the day together? As the saying goes, families that vibe together stay together. So, keep your family goals alive and get bulk orders for all the members. Even the girls/women of the family can wear a tee that supports and celebrates men on International Men’s Day.

This will not just attract the attention of the onlookers but will also attract positive vibes. After all, it is all about the family and creating harmony and happiness.

Celebrate in Bulk:

Do you have more than one man you want to celebrate? Is it your office event? Are you planning to give your employee a men’s day t-shirt? Well, you are doing the absolute best thing. And we are not saying it because we think it is a good idea but think about all the aspects. Getting a custom t-shirt for your employees will gain them their loyalty, trust, and relationship. You can get your logo printed on a men’s day t-shirt, which is a good marketing strategy and also keeps the vibes happy.

Instead of giving them a diary or a pen, a t-shirt makes it look more fancy, stylish, and a valued gift. So, if you are an entrepreneur, then this is your time to give back to your employees a feeling of togetherness in a smart way!


These were 6 different ideas for you to plan how you would want to design your custom t-shirt to celebrate International Men’s Day. And believe us when we say that it is not about just gifting, it is about making that extra effort to show the men that you care. The world is challenging enough, we must take care of our loved ones while we can. And there is nothing more comforting than a personalized gift in the form of a t-shirt that says – We Care!