We all adore Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman from the DC comics. The way she portrayed the character was fantastic and was loved by all DC fans worldwide. It will be unfair not to mention that her costume was one of the most highlighted parts of the movie’s journey. Her costume was her signature element, including a tiara, a bracelet, and a costume with a red, blue, and gold color scheme. While red and blue compliments each other very well, it was astonishing to see how beautifully the color gold complimented the overall look of Wonder Woman. And to say the least, by the end of the year, this combination became a favorite of many.

And to be very honest, we know you must be thinking about how a shiny color like gold or silver can be coupled with other colors? Of course, they are too shiny and may dominate the other colors. But you will be surprised to see how metallic colors do wonder to your look.

If you doubt, check Wonder Woman’s costume and tell us if you think it didn’t catch your eye!

How to Get Metallic Print on Custom T-shirts?

Custom t-shirts have been in fashion for a long time now. Whether it is a bachelor’s party, birthday party, or college event, we all go for customized t-shirts for individual or group events. And as we are talking about combining customized t-shirts and metallic print, several questions come to our mind, like how to get metallic print on our customized tee? Is it sustainable and durable? What is wash care? Does it require a lot of maintenance? And so on.

Don’t sweat. We have all your queries covered here. As we love to dig deep about the trendiest fashion wear, this new trend of bling fashion caught our attention too. And so, we bring you the core details so that you can make up your mind.

Custom T-shirts

Perfecting Your Custom Metallic T-shirt Design

To start with, let us tell you the magic word for perfect metallic print on your t-shirt: Foil Screen Printing. You must be wondering that the names suggest a little glitter but what is it? Well, Foil Screen printing is the process through which metallic printing can be done over a fabric. It can be a t-shirt, a shirt, a hoodie, a cap, or even your facemask. You name it!

Not to take you on an intellectual journey, but it is good to know that customized foil screen printing for t-shirts is a two-step process. The first step is the traditional screen printing of the design on the fabric using adhesive ink. And then, the second step comes where a foil is then applied on top of the adhesive ink and heat pressed up to 300 degrees to get the shiny, bling-bling look.

As fashionistas claim, foil screen printing is a great solution to obtain a reflective look on a fabric that elevates the appearance of a simple t-shirt.

Why Do You Need Foil Screen Printing?

Foil screen printing is incredibly versatile and thus can be used for many occasions. You can use it to add metallic hues to absolutely anything. It can be your family’s name when you are out on vacation, your business logo (because why not!), or your next big event. Foil screen printing can be used to create any design, and trust us when we say it looks stunning when done with care.

Unlike traditional ink printing, foil screen printing makes the t-shirt stand out and speak for itself. If you are longing for that extra attention, we suggest that you go for bling print with foil screen printing.

Foil Screen Printing

Play with The Colors

You will be amazed to know that foil printing comes in many colors and hues. It is not limited to just feminine colors but has a neutral approach to every design and graphics. The combination of foil screen printing and regular screen printing offers super creative graphics while adding a subtle chic style. To go with the trend, gold and silver are the most popular choices for foil screen printing, but other favorites are rose gold, copper, fuchsia, red, blue, orange, etc.

Designing Your Custom T-shirt for Foil Screen Printing

If you love big graphic prints, foil screen printing is no less. Of course, a large design will get you noticed well. However, we suggest combining ink space with open fabric space adds a truly reflective sheen to your design and custom tee.

While we are giving suggestions, we would love to mention that the most popular foil screen printing design is adding bling text to your custom tee. Foil print can make the text stand out and scream (not literally, though)!

In fact, you can add a 3-D (three-dimensional) look to your text with foil screen printing. You can use foil print to add shadow, fill block letters, add texture to the text, strikethrough text, or just for an added prop. We say you will love it!

Custom T-shirt for Foil Screen Printing

Care and Maintenance of Foil Print Custom Tee

Worried? Don’t be!

Foil screen printing is very durable and lasts a long time. If you are worried about breakouts, then let us tell you that every artificial thing has a lifespan. And this, too, has a time of its own. However, like any of your other favorite things, if you take care of these tees, they stay with you for a long time.

There is no particular number of washes for foil print designs. However, we recommend hand wash or machine wash on a delicate cycle for longer life. Pull your tee inside out, and it is ready for a quick machine wash. Hang dry or air drying is the best way as heat activates the adhesive. So, anything that includes heat like machine drying, dry cleaning, or iron should be avoided.

That’s it! Yes, you only need this much wash care for your foil screen print t-shirt, and you are good to glow!


Now that you know the best way to add glamor to your style, we are very much looking forward to your creativity in designing your new bling t-shirt. Remember, there is no limit to your design, area of print, and imagination. An expert foil screen printing professional will definitely help you with the perfect design of your dreams and while you are at it, keep shining!