We had the opportunity to chat with Tim Leigh-Manuell, the creative mastermind behind Northern Nav, to hear about his journey in starting his own apparel company.

We’re proud to support Tim and Northern Nav in their initiatives to educate the public, provide assistance to those in need, and protect the environment.

Check out our conversation with Tim below:

Q: Hey, Tim! Thanks for chatting with us today. First, we’d like to hear about Northern Nav. What is your company’s mission?

Well… it all started during COVID. In the summertime, I pilot a ferry to Fire Island. During 2020, I decided to let the younger captains take the few hours that were available. 

I ended up missing the bay, and so I decided to purchase a boat with my brother-in-law… who didn’t know anything about boating. I found myself teaching all the tricks I learned growing up in my 20+ years of being a captain.

The actual idea of Northern Nav has always been building in my head, but what 41-year-old male decides to start a clothing company? 

That’s where the cocktails came in to play. After a few minutes of unloading all my thoughts and dreams… my family looked back at me and said, “We’re in!”

To make a long story longer… our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality lifestyle clothing that teaches them some old salt nautical knowledge. 

We also expanded to include local legends… which pay homage to some of our favorite spots, all while putting some money away for the do-gooders already doing great things.


Q: How long have you been in business?

Although there was some work prior, we launched our brand on January 15, 2021.


Q: It’s wonderful that you support local legends like Save The Great South Bay. How did you decide to partner with them?

We decided to donate a portion of all sales to Save the Great South Bay because they help protect the water I grew up on. They have been doing great things for years, such as actively restoring the bay, and with that, strengthening South Shore communities.


Q: How did you first hear about Scrappy Apparel?

When starting Northern Nav, I did a ton of research to find a company with high-quality printing and exceptional service. I came across Scrappy Apparel online and knew this was the place.


Q: Why did you decide to work with us?

The exceptional service went far beyond that of screening a few tees. Since I was new to the business, I had a ton of questions on almost everything. 


Ramil helped me with orders, ideas, concepts and gave plenty of help along the way. Grant even called me to answer some questions and provide guidance. The level of service was unparalleled.


Q: We’ve worked together for several months now. What has your experience been like?

Every interaction I’ve had with Scrappy has been positive. They make reordering simple and make ordering new designs a piece of cake.


Q: How quickly did you see results after we started working together?

Upon launching our store, we saw success right away. Customers loved the tees and the quality that was offered. I think it helps us stand apart from other companies.


Q: Your designs are iconic! Where do you find inspiration for your apparel?

I find inspiration from the things that I love. I guess it resonates with others too. Boaters and skiers all seem to be happy people, and that’s who I like to surround myself with in life.


Q: What do you think makes a great t-shirt design?

Three things… simple design, quality fabrics and screening, and a message that hits home.


Q: What is your opinion on Scrappy Apparel’s Brand Building Process (BBP)?

As mentioned above, it is amazing. They helped all along the way and made it extremely easy for the new guy.


Q: What has been your favorite part about working with Scrappy Apparel?

The ease at which creating my visions comes to fruition.


Q: Would you recommend our services to other people who want to grow their brands?


Will you be the next Scrappy Success Story?

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