At Scrappy Apparel, we love working with people who are making a difference in the world. The Faction ATL is an organization for soccer coaches, players, and parents who are passionate about Atlanta United and soccer in general.

In addition to providing resources and support for Atlanta soccer, The Faction ATL gives back to the community in other ways. They support the Fugees Academy, an organization that works to improve education for refugee students in the U.S.

We work with The Faction ATL to provide high-quality apparel for their merch store and other needs. We are proud to be their manufacturer.

We had the privilege of interviewing Kevin Kinley, Co-Founder of The Faction ATL, to learn more about the organization and his vision for soccer in the Atlanta area.

In this interview, Kevin talks about how The Faction ATL got started, what makes them unique, and his hopes for the future of soccer in Atlanta. He also dives into why supporting the Fugees Academy is an integral part of their mission. Keep reading to find out what Kevin had to say!

Interview with Kevin Kinley

Co-Founder of The Faction ATL

Q: Hey, Kevin. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us about The Faction ATL today. On your website, you state that “soccer is more than a game.” Can you expand on that?

A: The sport of soccer is global and transcends differences between people to unite them. It brings people together in so many ways: energizing fans in a stadium, hugging someone you don’t know, volunteering for just causes, coaching kids for life…the waves of unity are endless.

Many feel that soccer is a game on the field, but more know that soccer is a way of life that can change and shape individuals and the world.

the faction atl

Q: As Co-Founder of The Faction ATL, what is one of your primary goals in leading the organization?

A: Our organization has a mission of using sports to help develop youth character and the language of soccer to promote tolerance, inclusivity, and the value of collaboration in achieving success.

My primary goal is to connect as many projects, activities, communication, and events as we have to that mission.

Q: How does merch contribute to your overall marketing strategy?

A: The word “faction” means a group within another group with different ideas. The merchandise we produce has to project our meaning.

We created our group because the idea of having a supporter group consisting of players, coaches, and parents didn’t exist. The subtle differences in design down the back of the neck and the custom label printed on the shirt define who we are.

the faction atl t-shirt

Q: What inspired the design of The Faction 2023 T-Shirt?

A: Our designers are Faction members. The design was inspired by the five stripes of the club we support, Atlanta United, and a unique wood motif.

Q: We’d love to hear about how you give back to the Fugees Academy. Why did you choose that cause to support?

A: All organizations we support must align with our mission. We chose the Fugees Academy in the very beginning because they are a shining example of doing good. We believe wholeheartedly in the Fugees Academy mission to level the playing field for refugee and new American students by empowering them to become independent thinkers, high-achieving scholars, and productive citizens.

Q: How did you first hear about Scrappy Apparel?

A: My good friend coached Scrappy’s founder years ago, and I remembered him. We reconnected and found that we had so much in common.

Q: Why did you decide to work with us?

A: Scrappy is different, like us. We believe in working with like-minded companies that care about their product or service.

Q: What is your favorite part about working with Scrappy Apparel?

A: Our favorite part is opening up that box of new shirts and knowing it’s going to be kick ass!

Q: One more question before we wrap up:

How can our readers support The Faction ATL?

A: Readers can support us by joining us as a member or donating directly through us for the Fugees Academy at

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