The newest trends that are making the fashion industry go crazy in joy are All Over Printing. As the name suggests, it is a printing technique that is mixed inch-to-inch printing for a heightened chic look. This not just looks amazing as customized apparel but also leaves your viewers awestruck!

Now, if you are still not getting it, and it’s going above your head, then don’t sweat much. We are here to tell you all about – All Over Printing for customized apparel.

And hey, did you know that it is pretty convenient to make a lasting impression just by flaunting your personalized tee? Well, let’s know it all here.

What is All Over Printing?

We know that DTG, screen, and transfer print are like the ultimate printing methods for the love of customized apparel. And we all just love how beautifully these techniques work a design on a specific area on a tee. However, stealing your focus from a particular area to every inch of the fabric, this new trend of All Over Printing is all about covering every bit of fabric in ink. This doesn’t mean that the base color of the tee will change, but it simply means that the print will try to cover the whole t-shirt with a designated design.

Types of All-Over Printing

As All Over Printing became popular, we started to explore more. And while on the exploration, we realized that there are two types of printing techniques in All Over Printing.

Cut and Sew:

This is a more conventional approach as we see because the t-shirts are cut out of a pre-printed fabric, which means less scope of customization. However, one may not necessarily need to customize due to the abundance of prints, designs, and fabric types. This is also more user-friendly because it saves the user some time as you don’t have to design that print. All you need is to select the print you like and get it tailored for you as you like.

A pro tip: You can tell if an All Over Print t-shirt is ‘cut and sew’ by checking the hem, seams, and zip areas. As this technique uses already printed fabric, the design is printed even in the hemline and hidden seams. So, you know when you see the inside!

All Over Printing


In this printing method, customization has a wider scope. Though you have to brainstorm the design, you get the freedom to make some changes. And unlike cut and sew, when you check the hem, zip, and seams, the print will be missing from these parts because this method is used to print already made t-shirts.

Now both cut and sew and sublimation uses RGB colors so the result has a vibrant and more saturated color. However, sublimation is cost-effective than cut and sew because of reduced production time. As for cut & sew t-shirts the production is more complicated.

Why Do You Need an All Over Printed Tee?

They say that making a lasting impression is easier when done right. And we suggest that this is the way to go. All-Over Printing has been in the fashion industry for longer than you can think of. In fact, as the saying goes, history repeats itself. This definitely stands true in the fashion world. Remember the fashion of polka dots? This is a vintage design that has been used for years and still makes a statement.

As a successful trend, All Over Printing has a plethora of possibilities. Expand your horizons and look out for designs and patterns because an All Over Print t-shirt design allows you to express yourself more creatively. As we like to think, this printing method offers you an ocean to paint. From maps to forests, All Over Print lets your imagination go wild.

And when it is about making that lasting impression, go big and bold with your designs. Make the audience turn heads when you walk the aisle. You get a large printing area, utilize it wisely and increase the artworks’ size to give it a rather complete and daring look.

You are free to experiment when it is about All Over Printing; whether choosing a pattern, logo, quotes, picture, background, all over design, other fun elements, or other fun elements, it is up to you with an uninterrupted canvas.

All Over Printed Tee

Conclusion: Make an Impression!

We all love to flaunt, to wear what our heart says. And when it is about trendy fashion, the world chooses to stay in vogue. But how do you stand out in a market full of stripes, checks, and solids?

Well, it is All Over Printing. Who says prints are for the beach only? If you know your style, you can pull off an All Over Print pattern to a casual party or gym or even to a club! It is all about you being comfortable with the pattern or design you choose. Also, while selecting the design for your print, make sure you have the event in mind. This will help you finalize your design with much ease.

So, it’s time you start with the planning and get your trendy All Over Printed t-shirt ready as soon as possible to stay current with the fashion trends!