This year, U.S. consumers spent $11.3 billion on Cyber Monday. Despite inflation, it was the biggest online shopping day of all time. Wowza.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday past us, the busiest time of the year is finally over. Your entire team can all finally relax, take a breather, and just chill out. At least, that’s what we think, right?

ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Now is the time to kick it into overdrive! You have momentum, followers, and leads from Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You might as well use them to your advantage to sell more apparel. Who wouldn’t want to keep those sales high?

But how exactly can you extend this shopping surge through the rest of the holiday season? It might be challenging, but it’s definitely achievable. Today, we’re going to show you exactly how to continue selling more apparel after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Strategize Based on BFCM Results

If you played your cards right by using our BFCM ecommerce guide, your Black Friday and Cyber Monday strategies should have brought you more than just sales.

Although money is great, the customers and the attention you gained will allow you to continue to sell more even after this busy shopping time is over. For example, let’s say you ran a paid advertising campaign to reach new audiences outside of your existing customer base. The next step would be to run a retargeting campaign to create additional touchpoints with the new audience.

You can continue to retarget those people long after Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over. You might have heard of the marketing rule of 7, which states that it takes an average of seven interactions with your brand before a customer will make a purchase. Keep that in mind throughout the rest of the holiday season.

How to Convert Leads into Paying Customers

Now, let’s talk about your contact list.

Whether it be from signing up for a discount code or an exclusive shopping guide, the leads you attracted during your BFCM campaigns are now on your contact list. Now is a great opportunity to keep the marketing momentum going!

Send them email campaigns, SMS campaigns (if they opted in to receive texts from you), and other marketing campaigns to keep them engaged. Apparel brands are all about making an impression, so make sure your customers remember you! Here are a few ways to distinguish your brand from the competition:

  • Exclusive promotions: Special offers and discounts are great ways to differentiate yourself from the competition, as well as build loyalty with your existing customers.
  • Giveaways: Who doesn’t love free stuff?
  • The VIP treatment: Create limited-edition pieces or offer early access to upcoming collections. People love feeling like they’re part of something exclusive!

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Key Post-Black Friday Strategies

Since we’re trying to keep the hype going, we need to go above and beyond with what we do and how we do it.

Don’t worry, you’ve still got plenty of options to make sure your apparel continues to fly off the racks and into shopping carts! Here are a few ideas:

Focus on Holiday Shopping

Now that Black Friday is over, shoppers are likely looking for something special for their friends and family during the holidays.

And we know you might be thinking, “Didn’t most people do holiday shopping during Black Friday?” While the answer is “yes,” it’s important to take into account those who decided to shop for themselves instead!

Make sure your in-store or online setup showcases your products as gifts. Your marketing campaigns should also focus on gifting and the holiday season overall.

Host A Sale

A sale after the biggest sale of the year? Sounds counterintuitive, but it is an effective strategy for selling more apparel after Black Friday.

If people connected with your brand during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it might be because of the discounts. What better way to keep them coming and buying than with another sale that isn’t quite as big, but still attention-grabbing?

It’s always a good idea to host some sort of sale after Black Friday has passed. Whether it’s a BOGO offer, an extra discount on select items, or a clearance sale of older stock, offering customers an incentive to shop can help boost sales significantly.

Create Product Bundles

You can upsell customers with holiday bundles that include a combination of products at a discounted price. This is especially effective if you’re able to create an attractive package with items they may not have considered purchasing separately.

People love getting value for their money, and they’ll be more likely to purchase when presented with a good deal. Not only will this help to increase sales, but it will also strengthen your customer relationships.

Offer Gift Cards

Give your customers the gift of choice with a gift card to your store. This is an easy way for them to purchase something special for their friends and family, while also giving you the potential to acquire new customers.

Some people appreciate gift cards more than cash because they’re associated with a specific store or brand. Additionally, new customers will remember you if they receive a gift card from your store. They may even come back to shop again in the future.

If you thought Black Friday and Cyber Monday were the last push of the year, we hope that mentality has changed. Use what you learned today to keep selling throughout the rest of 2022!

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