It’s finally that time again. We’ve all waited four long years for this. The World Cup has arrived in style. 

This year’s World Cup is hosted in Qatar, and the qualifying teams have shown up with a winner’s mindset.

Now, what would two soccer-loving apparel company owners like Grant and Chris love most about the World Cup? 

Although we all look forward to seeing the teams go head-to-head on the field, we also get excited about the new jerseys we see in the spotlight. And with eight qualifying teams in the quarter-finals, it raises the question of whose jersey is best.

Today, we’ll show you all the new jerseys from the quarter-final qualifying teams, and we’ll give them a rating. (Our ratings may or may not be biased.)

World Cup Influence

Before we break down the World Cup kits for voting purposes, let’s discuss the effect that these jerseys and the World Cup as a whole have on the public. Adidas, the manufacturer, and sponsor of jerseys for 7 teams in this year’s world cup, is estimated a total of $415 million in revenue related to the World Cup (FIFA World Cup: The Silent Battle of Jersey Sponsors.)

So why are we sharing this information with you? Well, we think it’s great to see how people will buy jerseys in order to support their teams and favorite players. As an apparel business, seeing this effect and the relationship between events and apparel can be helpful for your future strategies, even if it isn’t as large-scale as the World Cup.

It’s Jersey Time!

It’s the time we’ve all been waiting for. Let’s get down to analyzing both home and away kits for all the quarter-final qualifying teams. We’ll be rating these jerseys based on originality, connection to the country, and overall design.


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1. Netherlands

Starting off strong, we’ve got the Netherlands. Their two new jerseys are not only appealing to the eye, but their designs have hidden meanings. We love added meaning behind apparel.

Their orange home jersey this World Cup is a laser orange color. Not only is the hue amazing, but that pattern that is lightly seen all over the shirt has a purpose. According to Nike, the swirls around the jersey are added to create the illusion of a lion’s mane, which connects directly with their logo.

The away kit is a deep royal blue with bright orange and black accents. It represents the blue on their flag and the culture of their country.

Our rating? We give the Netherlands a 7/10.


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2. Argentina

Argentina is one of the biggest teams in the World Cup. Whether you love the team as a whole or you’re just a huge Messi fan, these jerseys have been flying off the racks.

The Argentinian home jersey is a classic. It’s the white shirt with blue stripes that mostly everyone can recognize. What’s new is the black stripes, and honestly, we kind of like it. We like to say that what isn’t broken doesn’t need fixing, and this jersey will forever be a good one. 

On a more exciting note, the Argentina away jersey is purple and silver. Although this color isn’t typical for the team, their sponsor Adidas says it is meant to represent gender equality (2022 World Cup: Argentina to Wear Purple Away Kit for Gender Equality.) We are big supporters of gender equality, so this one is extra good. 

Our final rating for the Argentina kits is a solid 8.5/10.

3. Croatia

Croatia is our third contestant, and we are big fans of their jerseys.

Their home jersey shows an iconic interpretation of the red and white colors that represent the team. We like the checkered vibe they got going.

Their away jersey, however, is absolutely stunning and doesn’t get enough credit. Not only are the blues beautiful, but the blurred squares have a meaning that represents the Croatian coastline. Beautiful.

We rate this kit an 8.7/10.

4. Brazil

Another incredibly strong team in the quarter-finals: Brazil. Their kits for this World Cup are bright and eye-catching. 

Their home jersey is a staple, but this time they’ve opted for a brighter yellow. And if the bright yellow wasn’t enough to get fans excited, there is a subtle jaguar pattern along the jersey. *Chef’s kiss.*

The away jersey is a beauty on its own. The combination of bright blue and vibrant green with the subtle jaguar print on the sleeves is an excellent design from Nike. 

We vote this kit 9/10.


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5. France

Allez Les Blues, as the French say. The winners of the 2018 World Cup have shown up better than ever, and we’re not only talking about skills. 

The home jersey is a classic. The navy blue with metallic gold details is the typical French jersey that we all know and love. However, the collar that stands out has light designs of olive branches to show peace and strength. We love subtle details like this. 

As for the away kit, this thing is like no other. The white jersey with blue accents is nice on its own, but with a closer look, you’ll be able to see the details along the entire shirt. It’s honestly our favorite jersey.

This kit deserves a 10/10. 


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6. England

England has entered the quarter-finals, and they’ve entered in style. Their home jersey is white with gradients of blue, and although it is a beautiful jersey, we wish it gave more. 

As for their away jersey, the red and navy tones is something we dig. This color combo isn’t the more typical for England, so it was a nice surprise to see this colorway.

We rate England’s kit a 6/10.


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7. Morocco

The team that we are all pleasantly surprised reach the quarter-finals: Morocco. Now this team has fought long and hard for where they are, and we admire just that.

In terms of jerseys, we’ve got our first Puma ones. The Morocco home jersey has red and green that represent their flag. This jersey with this color combo isn’t the only one in the quarter-finals, though.

Their away jersey still combines the typical red and green but this time, on a white canvas. Although we like these jerseys, they are a bit similar to our next team. 

We rate these a 6/10.


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8. Portugal

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got Portugal. Although their jerseys have the same colors as Morocco, we’ve got to give them a fair chance in voting. 

The home kit is a beautiful red and green jersey, but the kick to it is the diagonal design. This design is supposed to connect with the Portugal flag and the split colors. We actually are big fans of this jersey.

The away jersey has the same red and green, but instead of a bright white canvas, they used a dimmer white. The reason for this was to stand out against the bright white jerseys.

We rate these an 8/10.

Want Dope Apparel For Your Brand?

Although we love all the jerseys that this World Cup has brought to us, our winners have to be France. The attention to detail is really the cherry on top.

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