Trends come and go, but golf apparel is not your average fad.

Over the decades, golf apparel has swung through a remarkable evolution that represents the changes in fashion, technology, and culture.

There’s more to golf apparel than meets the eye, especially when it comes to the look, fit, and performance of the garments themselves.

Today, we’re going to cover:

  • The origins of golf apparel
  • Why quality matters for modern golf garments
  • How Scrappy Apparel can help you produce luxury-level polos for your team, brand, or organization!

Whether you enjoy hitting the links or not, you can appreciate the innovation and craftsmanship that go into creating this sport’s signature garment.

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The Early Golf Attire (and Why It Evolved)

Golf originated in Scotland in the early 1500s, but it wasn’t always a worldwide phenomenon. When the British Empire expanded across the globe in the 1800s, golf went with it! (Source: Historic UK)

In those early days, golf attire was quite different from what we see today. Picture this: golfers playing in their everyday clothes—think stiff shirts, heavy trousers, and restrictive dresses. Swinging a club in such attire wasn’t exactly a walk in the park—and it’s pretty clear to us that golf apparel evolved out of necessity!

As the sport gained popularity and became more official, golfers started tweaking their outfits for a better game. For example, women started sporting looser blouses so they could move around freely on the green. The guys wore baggy pants called knickerbockers.

With these adaptations, golfers started moving toward the clothes we see today. Players realized they needed gear that felt light, prioritized breathability, and gave them the flexibility to perform their best. This evolution shows that golf fashion has always been about two things: looking good and playing even better.

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The Best Modern Golf Apparel: What To Look For

Now that you know the backstory of golf apparel, let’s talk about what sets the cool, high-quality golf gear apart from the rest.

Performance-Focused Materials

Golf apparel has come a long way, and today’s gear is designed to help players bring their A-game. The materials used in golf clothing are no accident—they’re engineered for top performance.

Take fabrics like polyester and spandex for example. They feel super light, but don’t let that fool you. They’re tough enough to handle the rigors of a golf game and flexible enough to give players plenty of room to move.

Trendsetting Design

Making a statement on the golf course isn’t just about your play—it’s also about your style. That’s why modern golf apparel doesn’t hold back when it comes to fashion-forward designs.

Today’s golf apparel is bursting with bright colors that you can see from hundreds of yards away. Patterns like stripes, plaids, and even wild prints also make their way onto the golf course.

A Comfortable Fit

Comfort is king in this sport. That’s why top apparel manufacturers (like us!) put a lot of thought into creating garments with the perfect fit.

Ergonomics play a huge role in this—meaning clothes that move with you, not against you. They’re specifically designed to keep you comfortable throughout the entire match.

A good fit also means clothes that stay put. You don’t want to be constantly tugging at your shirt while you’re trying to focus on your game. That’s why many golf clothes are tailored to sit just right, whether you’re standing, walking, or swinging a club.


It’s not uncommon to start a round of golf in the bright sunshine and end it under cloudy skies. That’s why the functionality of the garments is so important.

Today’s golf apparel is designed to handle a range of weather conditions. During summer, lightweight, breathable materials are a must. Many golf brands have upped their game by introducing moisture-wicking tech into their clothes.

This technology pulls sweat away from your body, keeping you cool and dry even when the sun is blazing down on the course. Some clothing lines even feature UV protection to shield golfers from harmful sun rays.

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Want a Golf Polo For Your Brand? You’re in Luck!

You’re in the right place—because we’ve perfected our manufacturing techniques for polos to maximize performance and durability. If you want a luxury look and feel in your golf polo, we’ve got you covered.

And guess what? Golf polos are not just for golfers. They’re great for corporate apparel, team uniforms, and even everyday wear.

Here’s why you should manufacture your golf polo with us:

We Source and Test All Our Materials in Advance

As we mentioned, it’s crucial to choose the right fabric for your golf polo. We verify the quality of all the fabrics we use, so you can be sure you’re getting the best of the best.

For example, we offer a sport fabric with a unique blend of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex. This carefully crafted fabric brings together the best of both worlds—the durability of polyester and the flexibility of spandex—making it an unbeatable choice for professional athletes, soccer moms, HVAC techs… just about everyone!

Our Sublimation Printing Process is Unmatched

All Over Sublimation Printing is one of the core services we offer at Scrappy Apparel. An all-over print can make a bold statement like no other. With our process, we can cover every inch of your garment with whatever design you want.

Through sublimation, you can produce attention-grabbing designs that are vibrant, detailed, and unlike anything else out there.

Want a tropical print with your logo subtly incorporated? No problem.

Or perhaps a geometric pattern in your brand colors? Consider it done.

The possibilities are endless, allowing you to set your apparel apart from the competition.

We’ll Help You Private Label Your Garments

Want to take true ownership of your custom apparel? Our private labeling program will help you do exactly that.

With private labeling, you can add your logo, brand name, and contact information to your apparel. We offer custom screen printed neck labels, adding another layer of personalization—you can also incorporate taglines, product information, or care instructions onto these labels.

These details might seem small, but they can have a big impact. Private labeling your garments conveys authenticity. It demonstrates your commitment to providing high-quality, unique products to your customers, employees, or community.

Working with Scrappy Apparel = Hitting a Hole in One

At Scrappy Apparel, we specialize in manufacturing high-performance clothing. Our apparel experts are available to answer any questions you might have about your project. We want to make sure your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional.

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