Picture this: You’re searching far and wide for custom apparel. It could be for your business, the new clothing line you just started, or anything really.

You visit our website and browse until you’re ready to request a quote. (Awesome choice, by the way!)

On the site, you’re greeted by four options: Retail Ready Screen Printing, All Over Sublimation Printing, Custom Embroidery, and Cut & Sew Hats.

You might not be sure which option is right for you. And let’s be real, not everyone can spend hours researching the ins and outs of custom apparel.

We’re here to give you the Scrappy 101 on each of our services so you can order the right products to fulfill your custom apparel vision.

To start, we have Retail Ready Screen Printing.

This is one of our OG services. We’re ready to print your design directly onto shirts and other waist-up garments. We use superior inks and the highest-quality fabrics, so all the products we deliver are ready to wear, sell, or flex on Instagram.



Up next, we have All Over Sublimation Printing.

This all-over printing style is all the rage! We offer sublimation printing for polyester garments to ensure the colors are vibrant. This is a great choice when you want to make a statement with apparel that is covered from tippy top to bottom.


custom embroidery

The third option is Custom Embroidery.

This service is pretty self-explanatory. With our custom embroidery technique, we add a design to your shirt using thread and stitching, not ink like the two services above. Our stitching is tight and our threads are on point, so embroidery is always a great choice.


cut and sew hats

Finally, we have Cut & Sew Hats.

We source our fabrics and hat styles with quality and customization options in mind. Our Cut & Sew Hat service gives you the creative freedom to bring your idea to life with screen printing or all over sublimation patterns. Our product line includes a variety of headwear, including bucket hats, trucker caps, snapbacks, and even dad caps.


If you thought we were done, think again. Scrappy gets even better!

In addition to our core services, we offer private labeling, which means you can have your brand’s logo printed inside the neck label of each garment. 

We are passionate about building iconic brands, and we are happy to offer you true ownership of your custom apparel.

(P.S. We also offer private labeling for hats!)


When we say “retail ready,” we mean it! You won’t have to worry about receiving your order in a grody, ripped, or crumbled up bag. 

We’ll neatly fold each garment, polybag it, and size sticker the outside of your bags. Your garments will get an A+ for presentation skills!


The next time you order custom apparel, you can make an informed choice by reviewing this guide to choose the products and services that are the best fit for your goals.

We want to drip you out!

You’re welcome to get in touch with us if you want to place an order or ask any questions about our services.