Custom apparel is more than just slapping a logo on a shirt.


It’s a strategy that will help you build your brand and cultivate a strong company culture. 


Apparel isn’t just for apparel companies either. Think about how many people you see repping their alma maters, favorite sports teams, or even the cities they grew up in.


Every business, team, or entity has its own brand, and every brand has an incredible opportunity to create loyalty and increase awareness with eye-catching custom apparel.


Imagine seeing people walk down the street wearing your brand instead of Nike, Supreme, or Gucci. That’s the impact apparel can create.

Custom apparel will:

  • Reinforce your brand identity
  • Help you stand out from competitors and increase brand awareness with your target audience
  • Create positive morale and a supportive working environment for your employees
  • Remind your team that they are making a difference as they work toward your company’s mission
  • Give you additional opportunities to advertise your brand


Here’s a quick list of our DOs and DON’Ts for creating your custom apparel masterpiece:


Take sizing and placement into consideration when creating your design.

Our Scrappy sales reps will help you make sure your design is spot-on and ready to print.

Choose typography that is consistent with your brand identity.

If your brand is professional, maybe don’t choose Comic Sans as the font for your apparel design.

Submit high resolution files of your designs.

Vector files are the best because they maintain their resolution at any size.

Use contrast strategically in your design.

Make sure there is enough contrast between your foreground elements, such as text, and the background of your design.



Use type that is too small.

What’s the point of having a cool tagline if no one can read it? Your message deserves to be heard loud and clear, so make sure your text is big enough to read without squinting.

Create a design that is too cluttered.

Clutter is distracting—both on your desk and in your apparel designs. Stick to two or three key elements or symbols so your design isn’t overwhelming to the eye.

Use too many colors in one design.

Unless you’re going for the rainbow look, it’s best to convey your message with as few colors as possible when it comes to designing custom apparel.

Compromise on fabric quality.

In custom apparel, quality matters. You want your creations to withstand regular washes and daily wear without fading or tearing. Choose a custom apparel partner with quality products to make your investment count.


Ready to bring your custom apparel vision to life?

Our team is ready to help you plan and execute your project from start to finish.


We offer the fastest fulfillment and delivery times in the whole industry—and we do that without sacrificing quality for speed.


The sooner we get started, the sooner your order will be in your hands… so why wait?