Go Big and Bold, With Large
Format Screen Printing

Big brand, big statement

With Large Format Screen Printing, Bigger is Definitively Better

Don’t feel restricted by the limited design sizes of other printing techniques. Large screen printing takes the standard size of 14 x 17 up, and up, and up. This hands you complete creative freedom over your design – and a bigger canvas for your artwork or brand.

The “Extra Long” Screen Print

14.5 × 20 Inches

The Extra Long Screen Print is designed to fit on all sizes S-3XL

Monster Screen Printing

17 × 22 inches

Godzilla and King Kong ain’t got nufin’ on these
prints. They’re freakin’ HUGE.

All Over Sublimation Printing

The sky is the limit, but a different process than
traditional screen printing.

Discover The Perfect Product For
Large Format Screen Printing

Large Format Screen Printing can be used for all kinds of reasons, from kitting out your team for a charity marathon, to hanging up in your on-trend retail store. That said, large scale screen printing does tend to be used the most by the following three types of businesses.

Clothing Brands

Larger logo = instant visibility, even from a hundred
paces. Bigger brand message = boosted consumer
recognition. Safe to say that large scale graphic tees
will always have a place in the fashion industry.


Loud Music, loud fans, loud shirts. For the musician,
merchandise sales are much more than chump
change – they’re a vital extra revenue stream which
keeps the dollars rolling in, even between gigs. Large
scale screen printing gives creative freedom to craft
something that reflects the musician. After all, we’re
talking art here.


Events and Festivals tend to have a lot of people
involved in their success. Even the smaller of events
and festivals have HUGE numbers of people involved –
two of the most important being the artists that step
up and rock out on stage, and the sponsors that make
it all possible. Choosing large screen printing ensures
you can give a shout out to all your VIPs, without
having to squeeze everyone in by using a
squint-inducing 10-point font.

Brutal truth: Some Large
Screen Printing Companies Ain’t All That

Look, we know you’ve got a long Google list of large screen printing companies to pick from. But trust us, not every printer will support you the way we do. And here’s the (expert) advice to prove it.

Higher Minimums

Due to the amount of time and materials involved in large format screen printing you can expect higher minimums to be enforced.

Higher Printing Cost

Time and materials = money. You can expect to pay an upcharge when you jump from one print dimension to another because it will cost your screen printer more to produce your job.

Size Breakdown

Designs will be scaled to fit on the smallest garment in your order. Know your audience and select the print size that works for all garments.In addition, adding just 1 small shirt affects the print size you can use on the larger sizes.

Ink Coverage

The larger the screen print the more ink coverage there is. We recommend printing with discharge or water based inks to ensure the print does not weigh down the wearer.

Large Format Screen Printing – The Details

The first thing you need to know is that we have the right equipment for large format screen printing. The second thing you should know if that many others don’t, but they attempt it anyway. Here’s the rundown of all we’re packin’.


To print big, you need machines that
can handle big print dimensions. Our
print shop is powered by SROQUE
Technology (e.g. the big boys of the
printing tech scene).

Film Output

Larger designs need larger film. We
got this.


We invest in the best kit, including
large screen printing screens that
allow you to print up to 20×28 inches.


We are armed with immense experience in large format screen printing giving us an edge over others to cater to your specific needs in the best way possible.

Large Prints, Small Details

Work with us to maintain specific details in your design regardless how large you choose
to print.

Know that you need large screen printing,
but not sure HOW large? Run it by us. We’ll tell you.

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