Sublimation Shirt Printing

Printing with a high-end fashion vibe (now we’re cooking on gas!)

Custom t-shirt printing with high-end finishes.

Endlessly searching for high-quality shirt printing that looks good and will last more than two washes? We bet it sounds like a miracle to you, but that’s exactly what we do!

Sublimation printing is the crème de la crème of the custom apparel printing world. It never ever cracks, fades, or peels as long as it’s done right.

P.S. We do it right.

What does sublimation printing even mean?

Sublimation isn’t your basic press and print process. It involves an advanced technique that heats ink to such a high temperature that it transforms into a gas state. This brings your custom artwork prints to life.

Don’t think that dye sublimation t-shirt printing is just a bunch of words meant to confuse you.

This printing process helps apparel hold on to its bold colors for longer periods of time. This means you can wear your custom The Beatles shirt for years and still have it look new.

All over dye sublimation t-shirt printing allows us to cut and sublimate a fabric with your design before the product is sewn together. This approach ensures we avoid mistakes and inconsistencies, so your artwork is smooth, impactful, and demonstrated at its very best. (Practically perfect, we might add.)

Which colors and fabrics can I do sublimation printing on?

Our sublimation t-shirt printing is brought to life on a wide array of fabrics and products.
All over dye sublimation t-shirt printing is almost always done on 100% polyester garments. But, hold your horses, we’ve gone to great lengths to seek out the best materials for brands that want their wearers to stand out with vibrant and intricate designs. Take your pick from four fabrics to fit your style, wearer, and wallet…

Are there sublimation t-shirt printing services near me?

Why waste time looking for a local shop when you can work with us instead?
Scrappy Apparel can deliver what you want, exactly how you want it, within a great time frame. All our products are retail-ready. (Guaranteed!)
Although we love giving you artistic freedom with designs for sublimation shirt printing, we do ask for a minimum of 50 shirts in your order. This means you can order for your team, coworkers, cousins, neighbors—or you could just hand out your dope t-shirts to people and share your coolness. Everyone can use a little extra coolness.

We like to dust off our shoulders when it comes to our prices and quality because they are simply the best. In all honesty, dye sublimation printed t-shirts are the clear choice if you’re looking for people to stop you on the street and ask you where your fresh fit is from.

All over sublimation printing is generally done on 100% polyester garments. This is still the case at Scrappy Apparel. However, we have taken the time to source and develop the best fabrics to accommodate all over sublimation printing for brands who are looking to separate themselves from the competition.

With different selections you can tailor your fabric to fit the audience and price point you are going for so you can get more customers and make more money doing something you love


98% Polyester/2% Spandex. Perfect For Casual Wear & Your Favorite Pair Of Jeans


92% Polyester/8% Spandex for brands, hardcore athletes and soccer moms that are cool AF.


Polyester and fleece for sweatshirts, hoodies, and zip ups.

Ready to bring your sublimation printing project to life?

We’re just as ready as you are.

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