Custom shirt screen printing that puts quality first.

We never cut corners with our custom design screen printing services.

You’re on a journey—a journey of discovering the best damn t-shirt screen printing company to show off your awesome designs. Maybe you worked with other companies and decided to continue your search, or perhaps this is your first custom apparel rodeo.

Either way, welcome. Let us show you how we do.

Our t-shirt screen printer uses SROQUE technology

We’re lightning-fast.

Your time is as valuable to us as your designs are.

That’s why our custom t-shirt screen printing process prints up to 2,000 pieces an hour. You can get your perfectly crafted custom tees faster than you can say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

We are precise.

You put detail into your design, and we put precision into the production. You can trust us to celebrate your efforts with in-depth processes. Our laser markers will get every detail (and we mean every single detail).

We print larger than life.

When it comes to screen printing t-shirts, it’s go big or go home. Typically, you can’t screen print designs as big as 20 x 28 inches (but this only applies to other companies). At Scrappy, our printing machines can handle it—and there’s no need to spend months waiting for this. We have you covered.

Custom screen printed tee shirts require ink, so let’s put those thinking caps back on

Everyone wants to know our ink formula, but only we have it. We also have a variety of secret formulas for each of our fabrics so everything will be perfect, no matter which you choose. Here is a description (without giving away our secrets) of how we like to lay down the ink.

Your custom screen printed t-shirts deserve the best of the best fabric

Screen printed tee shirts can be created on all types of fabric. Take a seat, put your glasses on, and look around at the wide variety. This is a big decision for your shirts.

Standard Plastisol

These inks are bright and hold texture on your shirts.

Discharge inks

This ink loses its feel after a few washes, and it’s best used with 100% cotton. It costs a bit more, but you’ll get more bang for your buck.

Retail soft

Looking for maximum vibrancy on all fabrics? This one’s for you.

Water-based inks

This ink is better for our Earth, and it loses the ink feel after a few washes.

We custom screen print your design to ANY color you desire.

We match any PMS color number with 95% accuracy—for free.


Like shiny stuff? Foil will
ensure your tees shim-
mer and glimmer under
the light.


Shine bright even after
dark, with luminescent


Just like the kids say
“Bling Bling.” A durable
option to achieve a
bright and frosty effect.


Elevate your design.


Safety first. Perfect for
workwear or your cycling


A special process when
printing on 50/50 blends.
The cotton fibers are
disintegrated leaving
only the polyester fabric

We Print Custom T Shirts That Connect Customer With Brand

From logo design to apparel manufacturing, hats to hoodies, we’re much more than just a custom t shirt printing studio.

Google “print custom t shirts” and you’ll be hit with 151,000,000 results. Thing is, 150,999,999 of them aren’t us. We get that our job is about more than print. It’s about creating something that connects people with your branding.

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