Quiet luxury, stealth wealth, old money… call it what you want, but it was one of last year’s biggest viral fashion trends on social media. We expect it to keep growing in 2024!

We can even see these effects in the investor world. Some “quiet luxury” brands have outpaced their flashier competitors in the stock market, according to a report by DBS Baking. Quiet luxury brands even outperformed NASDAQ by 3.7% and Global Equities by 7.1%!

This phenomenon is occurring because consumers have been gravitating toward the quiet luxury trend in recent years—including in the streetwear niche. 

Research from TextileToday states we can expect this market to grow to $150 billion by 2025. (It was $100 billion in 2022). As a brand, this is a major opportunity for you to increase your profits.

Keep reading to learn the characteristics that make up the quiet luxury trend. We’ll also share how you can make customers buy from you again and become loyal, raving fans!

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what is quiet luxuryWhat is Quiet Luxury?

At first glance, quiet luxury represents a transition to subtle branding cues rather than flashy, “look at me” logos that we have seen in the logomania trend.

Here are some of the characteristics you’ll see in this understated trend:

Neutral Colors

Quiet luxury embodies a color palette that is both neutral and subdued. It features soft beige, cream, caramel, navy, rich black, and pure white hues. 

High-Quality Pieces

Quality speaks for itself. (Don’t you agree?)

Quiet luxury is about investing in timeless, high-quality pieces. Attention to detail is paramount. It’s all about the durability and comfort of the materials—and of course, a careful manufacturing process!

Simple Patterns

Patterns aren’t off-limits for quiet luxury—but they must be understated.

Quiet luxury patterns exude simplicity, like subtle polka dots or curated floral motifs. Pops of color are allowed, too. They can be used strategically to make a statement.


Rather than emphasizing the brand’s logo, quiet luxury focuses on storytelling and artisanship in each item. Every piece exudes timeless elegance, evoking sophistication and subtly drawing attention without appearing “tacky.”

Elegance and Genuine Expression

Elegance is a major part of the quiet luxury trend—but that doesn’t mean this approach to style is always boring!

Self-expression and simplicity can coexist. We’ve all heard the saying “less is more,” and it definitely can be when it comes to style. A minimalistic approach to fashion can still speak as loudly as a bright, colorful, and crazy design.


@zalando Our 2024 style predictions 🔮✨ Hint: #QuietLuxury is sticking around which means more understated styling and investment pieces 👏 #UnwrapYourStory #Zalando #FashionTrends ♬ Boards – Kasper Lindmark

detailsIt’s All in the Details—So Which Ones Make a Big Difference?

In the quiet luxury trend, every detail matters. Here are some of the ones that can help your garment stand out:

Private Labeling

A private label refers to a product manufactured by one company and sold under another company’s brand name.

For example, with Scrappy Apparel’s private labeling program, you can have your garments manufactured by us but have your brand name and logo on the neck label of each garment. You can also work with us to customize packaging and other aspects of the brand experience.

By partnering with a reputable manufacturer (like Scrappy Apparel), you can enjoy increased profit margins, better quality control, and more.


In the realm of luxury goods, packaging is an opportunity to convey your brand narrative and values, enriching your customer’s experience even more. For premium apparel, this approach emphasizes quality and aesthetics.


@houseofenvisage We wanted you to feel the quality of our luxury heavyweight shirts/jackets through our premium packaging #fyp #fashionstyle #clothingbrand #smallbusiness #luxury #streetwear #streetstyle #streetchic #packagedesign #envisage #houseofenvisage ♬ original sound – House of Envisage

High-Caliber Fabric

For quiet luxury, it’s essential to opt for textiles that will stand the test of time! Comfort, durability, and breathability are all crucial factors.


@shayinjune Clothing construction also plays a huge role – a great fabric sewn badly won’t last and the opposite can be true as well. None of these rules apply 100% of the time, there are exceptions, but they are guideposts that have helped me! I also want to reiterate that there’s nothing inherently wrong with buying lower quality items – but you should know what is and isn’t good quality so you can make an educated purchase! #greenscreen #fabricquality #buyquality #fewerbetterthings #fewerbetter #highqualityclothes ♬ Classic Jazz Piano – Relaxed and bright(1016589) – Ponetto

Exceptional Construction

What’s the point of using a high-quality fabric if you don’t invest in the manufacturing process? You need both if you want a flawless garment. After all, your customer wants to look and feel amazing when they’re wearing your brand.

Refined Touches

Remember, simplicity reigns supreme here. Embrace minimalistic and understated aesthetics.

Choose attire featuring refined details, like delicate embroidery, concealed fastenings, or discreet logos. These subtle embellishments impart a sense of exclusivity and refinement without overshadowing the overall ensemble.

How Can Quiet Luxury and Streetwear Go Together?

Streetwear culture has a significant impact on trends, especially in major metropolitan areas. A shift is evident as fashion enthusiasts, including a burgeoning younger generation, now challenge the idea that the quiet luxury aesthetic is only for the wealthy… that’s not the case anymore!

To maintain authenticity while adapting to changing landscapes, streetwear brands should consider a hybrid approach that blends traditional elements with contemporary trends.



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This is how the German fashion brand DistortedPeople is leveraging the quiet luxury streetwear trend.

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