Life has changed a lot since early 2020

From traveling in metros, trains, and taxis–people got confined inside the four walls of their houses – doing work from home, catching up with family over the phone, and handling house chores. Online schools took over the internet. Netflix and chill became the new party plan for the weekends. Friends celebrated birthdays and anniversaries over the video calls, and ‘vacations’ became a dream.

However, as things are moving forward and with the introduction of Covid-19 vaccines, the world is trying to get back to normal slowly. And while it is in the process, the only thing everyone is looking forward to is vacations.

People are longing to go out. They want to book plane tickets, check into a hotel, get some tan, try new cuisines, buy new beachwear, and so many other exciting things. Especially for the kids, it is so much more than just going out. It is family time out of the house.

And while the kids are excited (and so are you), we would like to add to your excitement by pointing out the new trend of custom t-shirts for the perfect family vacation. In today’s time of Facebook and Instagram, memories that you make last forever. The record of your pictures pops out from 2-years or 3-years ago, leaving you all nostalgic. And when you are planning your vacations, after almost 1.5 years, then you might as well go a little extra and get customized t-shirts for your family and create smiles again!

Why Do You Need a Custom Tee?

Custom t-shirts are mainly printed t-shirts with something that talks about you and your family, personality, philosophy, and chosen lifestyle. While vacations are all about a healthy and happy lifestyle, we encourage people to opt for custom t-shirts so that their holidays become a memory for a lifetime.

Imagine the beauty of the picture where everyone is posing in the same t-shirt!

It gives a warm feeling of togetherness, happy times, strength, and unity. It encourages the small kids to learn about family values and love. And while everything seems so perfect about these custom tees, we also want to mention that matching tees look so cool in the pics. It adds fun and excitement to the overall trip.

If you wonder what would be an excellent design for your next family vacation, we have you covered.

7 T-Shirt Designs for The Perfect Family Vacation

Relate to Your Pack

When choosing a t-shirt design for your family trip, remember that you want to flaunt that you are a happy family and as per the saying, family that travels together, stays together, you should not hesitate from choosing a simple yet bold design that tells your relationship. ‘The Best Mom’ or ‘The Greatest Dad Ever’ – it can be anything that connects you back to your loving family.

Relate to Your Pack

Color Code

If you are someone who just needs their family tee to look out of the box without the extra glitter then make it a colored affair. Color-coded custom t-shirts are really cool and don’t go overboard with the design or pattern. It is a way to say that you value minimalist things as long as your family is in it together.

Color Code

For the Kids

From Rick and Morty to Peppa Pig, we all love cartoons. Cartoons are a way to cheer up the kid in you. And when it comes to custom t-shirts for your next vacay, we suggest you pull out your inner child and match it with your family’s excitement. Cartoon t-shirts make the entire family look not just cool but also funnier and happier.

For the Kids

Occasion Special

Is there an occasion during your family trip? Easter? Christmas? Summer Vacations? Well, it is time you get that printed on your custom t-shirt. It goes with the season, occasion, and timing. You get plenty of designs to choose from as festivals and occasions have a fan-following, and people already get custom t-shirts during these times. These kinds of custom t-shirts look really innovative and smart. Also, it serves the purpose of celebration, and you don’t have to plan to buy anything else for the occasion.

Occasion Special T-Shirt


Let your t-shirt talk about your humor and presence of mind.

Yes, there are many designs that are witty and funny. They speak a lot about the family as you really have to be funny enough to put on these t-shirts. Witty t-shirts are often a favorite amongst the youngsters, but these days elders in the family are also opting for these unique t-shirt ideas with something humorous written on them to keep the happy vibes going.

Humor T-Shirt Design


Is your family very social-media friendly? Well, then create your own hashtag and let it roll. It can be anything from what you like, the place you are going to, an activity you might do during your trip, or simply your family name.

Hashtags are a new thing and give you a trendy style. You can use the same hashtags on your social media while uploading pictures of your #FamVacay and check-ins to make it look more in sync and smart choice.

Hashtag T-Shirt Design

The Trip

Talk about your trip.

Is it near a beach? Or a road trip? Or a hiking trip? In the internet world and especially social media, people that like your page are called followers for a reason (pun intended), but people indeed like to follow others. If you are going on a vacation, you must show what you are up to and believe it when we say that it attracts attention. Not only on social media but also in the real world.

The Trip T-Shirt Design


We know that sometimes trips are planned and sometimes they aren’t. And for such occasion, you must get custom t-shirts ready in advance. There is no right time for custom tees when it is about family trips and reunions.

This is one thing that everyone can enjoy. From toddlers, young adults, parents, to grandparents, customized t-shirts have now become a favorite of many. And you will be amazed to know that people get matching tees or dresses for their pets too. Isn’t that nice!

Days are very uncertain since the outbreak. One day you can go out and enjoy the weather, and the next day you are caught in a lock down. But, even if things are getting back to normal, there is always some scope for happy memories to float around. Custom tees are a way to add that extra zing to your memories.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the new trend.