In 2022, there are two types of people:

A. TikTok lovers who are delighted by the endless stream of on-demand content at their fingertips


B. People who wish TikTok would die and go to the social media graveyard with MySpace, Vine, and Google Plus (R.I.P.)

Regardless of which bucket you fall into, you can’t deny that TikTok is a powerhouse marketing platform that has influence over its users’ purchasing decisions.

On the surface, TikTok might seem like a place for kids to lip-sync, dance, and film silly pranks. But did you know that TikTok is expected to surpass 1.5 billion users in 2022?

That’s a heck of a lot of people. TikTok’s cultural influence is growing as we speak. 

One key lesson we’ve learned about social media is that:

More time spent on an app = More monetization opportunities for creators, brands, and businesses of all kinds

So, what does this have to do with custom apparel?

TikTok is a melting pot of content. There’s a niche for any video you can think of. Even better, TikTok has an organic-first algorithm that empowers creators of all sizes.

So, is there potential for your custom apparel brand to succeed on TikTok? You bet there is.

But wait—before you run off and create your TikTok profile, let’s talk about the type of content that performs well on the platform.

TikTok users do not scroll through the app to consume stuffy, cumbersome, or overly promotional content. They want to be entertained, not sold to.

As a brand, it’s important to stay true to your identity and values when you create content on TikTok. You definitely don’t have to post crude humor or twerking videos if that’s not your thing.

Instead, focus on positioning your brand as an expert in your industry while providing value to your target audience (in an entertaining way, of course!)

Here are four examples of rockin’ TikTok content that you could recreate to promote your own custom apparel:

style tips
@jessicawangofficial 3 ways to give your old graphic tee a refresh! #poweryourstyle #tiktokfashion #styletips #whattowear ♬ Level Up – Ciara

Style Tips

Posting a photo of a t-shirt online isn’t always enough to make a sale.

If your potential customers can’t see how your products would fit into their wardrobe, they might decide not to make a purchase. 

So, you should show them—and a fun TikTok video on how to style your apparel is a phenomenal way to do it.

Watch the Video on TikTok


show your products
@sparktrendz and we still have so many more 🙂 #anime #subtleanimemerch #animeapparel #jujutsukaisen #jjk #chainsawman #haikyuu ♬ original sound – TheNeedleTok

Show Your Products

TikTok users might not want to be sold to. However, they do want to see cool stuff.

We both know your custom apparel has the cool factor. Give it the attention it deserves with a product feature video!

Creative editing is key to keep viewers interested. We also recommend using trending audio to maximize your views. Have fun, and good luck!

Watch the Video on TikTok


leverage trends Fun facts 🤪 #clothingbrand #truthtelling #pinterestaesthetic ♬ original sound – Doohickle Designs

Leverage Trends

TikTok trends consist of videos that piggyback off one another by following a theme and often using the same audio. 

Trends exist across the platform, but you may also find some that are only popular within niche communities.

As you scroll through TikTok, think about how you can put your own twist on existing trends to make them relevant to your brand.

Watch the Video on TikTok


tell your story
@collarsandcoclothing How I started a Men’s Clothing Brand During the Pandemic☝🏻 #entrepreneur #supportsmallbusiness #fyp #foryourpage ♬ BEE GEES VS 50 cent – EZ

Tell Your Story

Have a story to tell? You’re in luck.

The TikTok algorithm judges videos on how well they engage viewers. Watch time is a key metric the algorithm uses to decide which videos to push out to a wider audience.

One surefire way to captivate an audience is by telling a compelling story. 

Remember how we said there’s a niche for every video on TikTok? There’s a group of people who will become raving fans of your brand after hearing your unique story.

The coolest thing about storytelling on TikTok is that it doesn’t rely on production or editing skills. All you need is a voice and a message to share with the world.

Think about the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. How can you inspire others by sharing your experiences?

Watch the Video on TikTok

Whether you decide to tap into TikTok or not, we hope you feel motivated to think outside of the box when creating content for your custom apparel brand.

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