make your employees proud to wear your brand

In this value-packed guide, we will go over:

  • Why it’s important to prioritize quality
  • Which styles work the best for company apparel
  • How you can strengthen your company culture with custom apparel
  • How to get your employees to wear their company t-shirts
  • How Scrappy Apparel will make your team proud

…and much more!

How to Make Your Employees Proud to Wear Your Brand

Custom apparel will show your team that you are invested in their success—but not all apparel is created equal.

You want apparel that employees will be proud to wear, not something that ends up in the back of a drawer. If you order a bunch of cheap t-shirts for your team, they’ll (probably) be thankful, but they won’t wear their shirts very often.

On the other hand, if you invest in custom apparel that your team will actually want to wear, they’ll be proud to represent your brand—and they’ll do it for years to come.

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Uploaded on: July 31, 2022