fabric fundamentals

In this value-packed guide, we share:

  • Why choosing the right fabric is so important
  • Our process for sourcing and testing high-quality materials for our garments
  • The optimal fabrics for each printing process
  • Specific fabric recommendations and examples

…and much more!

Fabric Fundamentals: Perfecting Fit, Feel, and Performance

Think about your favorite t-shirt—it looks cool, but that’s not the only thing you like about it. Your favorite shirt has probably lasted you countless washes, and the fabric is so comfortable that you could wear it every day.

There’s a science behind this. When it comes to custom apparel, the fabric you choose matters.

Knowing which materials work best for different applications—and why—is key to creating apparel your customers will love.

If you’re new to the apparel industry, you might not know a lot about the differences between fabrics yet. We created this free guide to help you understand how different fabrics pair with printing processes, inks, and types of garments.

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