It’s the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Month, and we would like to take the opportunity to feature IDONTMIND, one of our incredible customers.

IDONTMIND is a campaign created by Mental Health America to inspire open conversations about mental health, which is often overlooked and under-discussed in our society. It surely deserves more attention than it receives.

Mental Health Awareness Month provides an opportunity for people to learn more about mental health, start conversations about mental health, and provide support for those who may be struggling. It is a time to come together and show that we are here for one another, regardless of what our mental health status may be.


In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, we are ecstatic to share an interview with Eddie, Co-Founder of IDONTMIND:

Q: Hey, Eddie! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us about IDONTMIND. What sparked the idea for the campaign?

Eddie: IDONTMIND is the start of a sentence that leads to a larger conversation about mental health – like IDONTMIND talking about my mental health, IDONTMIND going to therapy, IDONTMIND asking how you’re really doing.

IDONTMIND was started to inspire conversations about mental health. Simply put, we want to make talking about it a normal part of everyday life.

Q: We understand that IDONTMIND’s mission is to defeat the stigma around mental illness by inspiring conversations. How does the custom apparel contribute to your cause?

Eddie: People talk about what they’re wearing more than how they’re feeling, so we use that to our advantage. The phrase IDONTMIND on a shirt often prompts a lot of questions, and that’s by design. We want to make it easy to have those conversations with friends, family, and even strangers.

In addition to that, we like to think of wearing IDONTMIND as a suit of armor. It’s a dose of confidence you can take with you throughout the day, through the good ones and the bad ones.

Q: Mental Health America has a variety of programs and initiatives that fulfill its mission. How does IDONTMIND fit into the mix?

Eddie: We’re so lucky to be an official program of Mental Health America. They’ve been advocating for people living with mental health conditions for over 100 years. There’s so much knowledge and experience there that’s been vital to us as we’ve grown.

We see IDONTMIND as an on-ramp to the world of mental health. Maybe you meet us and it’s the first time you’ve thought about mental health. Maybe that’s through our IDONTMIND Journal, a collection of informative articles and personal stories. Maybe it’s through our Instagram (@idontmind) where you can find daily inspiration for your mental health journey. Or maybe it’s because you told your friend you like their shirt and asked them what it means.

Q: It’s amazing that IDONTMIND has raised over $500,000 for mental health organizations since its launch in 2017. How did you inspire people to support the campaign?

Eddie: Our IDONTMIND community is incredible. And from the very start, people related very much to our message and mission. People love to inspire conversations about mental health while wearing IDONTMIND. And 100% of our proceeds support IDONTMIND and Mental Health America. That helps us build our programs like the IDONTMIND Journal, Writing Workshop, Ask a Therapist series, free mental health screening, and much more.

Q: Do you think custom apparel has been a helpful community-building tool for IDONTMIND? If so, how?

Eddie: It’s been an incredible tool for us and a huge part of our identity. Apparel is a natural conversation starter, and it affects the way we feel about ourselves.

Q: Many of your apparel designs are minimalistic. Do you think that style helps your message to stand out more?

Eddie: Both me and IDONTMIND founder Chris Wood naturally gravitate towards minimalist and understated design. And we knew we wanted to build a brand that looked different from other mental health apparel and that could easily fit into your daily wardrobe. At first glance, you might not even know an IDONTMIND tee is related to mental health. It’s all about the natural conversation that it inspires.

Q: Do you collaborate with creative members of your community to produce the apparel designs for your online store?

Eddie: Chris and I create the majority of the designs, but it’s been really special to work with our community to branch out and tell their own stories through design. We’re currently working on a collaboration with musician Andy Grammer that I can’t wait for everyone to see. He’s been writing amazing music inspired by his recent mental health journey that’s really inspiring.

Q: How can our readers get involved in the IDONTMIND movement?

Eddie: We have a phrase we like to say: Wear it like you mean it. I would love for everyone to wear IDONTMIND and let it be part of your mental health journey. Whether that’s giving you an extra boost of confidence to greet a tough day, or wearing it to a family dinner to help you start a new conversation you’re ready to have.

There are many more ways too. Follow us on Instagram and share our posts to promote mental health awareness. Join us for our events and classes like Run IDONTMIND and the IDONTMIND Writing Workshop. And learn more about your mind on the IDONTMIND Journal.

Q: How did you first hear about Scrappy Apparel?

Eddie: Your Google Ads really worked. We were looking for a larger printer to scale with us, and I think you were one of my first calls.

Q: Why did you decide to work with us?

Eddie: I look for people who are easy to work with and truly understand our mission. Scrappy has been amazing and supported us by offering a nonprofit discount since the beginning.

Q: What is your favorite part about working with Scrappy Apparel?

Eddie: Communication is excellent. And I can always trust Scrappy will get the job done right. That gives me more time to focus on our other resources at IDONTMIND that also make a difference in improving people’s mental health.

I also love that I can just text you with questions. Any day with one less email is a better day. Not sure if you want me to advertise that perk, but it’s a great example of how easy you are to reach and how much you care.

Q: How has working with Scrappy Apparel Company contributed to building IDONTMIND?

Eddie: Scrappy has helped us make the best quality apparel we can for an accessible price and have been excellent guides as we continue to scale.

Q: Would you recommend our services to other people who want to grow their brands?

Eddie: I would recommend Scrappy for whether you’re just starting out or seasoned and know exactly what you’re looking for. Scrappy will take care of you and make it look easy.

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