Cut and sew manufacturers of apparel

CSMA (cut and sew manufacturers of apparel) here, ready to help any unbranded company bring their designs to life and establish, you know, their BRAND!

You probably didn’t know that we, Scrappy Apparel, partner with brands all around the world who need that extra pizazz with their designs. We take your brand blueprints, add a little bit of fabric and spice, and we give you apparel that will have your team members bragging.

Not only will your designs be portrayed at the highest level of visuals and creation, but you’ll be left absolutely speechless after your fingertips graze the luxury-level fabrics we use.

Using our tech packs and spec sheets, we cut and sew your brands garment utilizing the high quality fabrics.

Our charming custom cut and sew clothing contractors

Our apparel sewing contractors have all the creative capacities you’re looking for. Heck, they’ll say yes to any job handed to them.

We source and use fabrics worth flexing (because our customers deserve the best). Our ultra-soft fabrics can be used for all-over sublimation printing on a variety of garments, not just tees.

We are the best cut and sew manufacturers in the game

It may surprise you that we weren’t always this good at making custom apparel. When we decided to start this journey, we were two college kids who invested in a t-shirt press. (Doesn’t seem typical, does it?)

However, over the last 15 years, we’ve earned the skill, maturity, and respect that make us one of the renowned custom apparel businesses in the USA.

Your cut and sew apparel needs are in good hands.

The important cut and sew question—how much?

So, let’s talk money. We don’t have a set list of prices. (Each project requires different materials, attention, and TLC.) What we’ll need is a brief that breaks down your project so we can see what we’re working with. Based on the info you provide, we’ll send you a price and we can get the party started.

We do want to mention that sewing for the apparel industry involves higher minimums and longer turnaround times. (That’s just being honest.) But you should also know that cut and sew products are crafted from scratch. The end result is worth the wait. Pinky promise.

Sewing for the apparel industry

Now that you have all the info you need, the choice is yours. However, we ask you to remember Scrappy Apparel’s luxury-level quality, five-star customer service, and competitive price points when you come to your decision!

Cut and sew manufacturers of apparel with all the skills

There’s no need to mentally prepare yourself. We provide our quotes fast and free of obligation. Don’t worry, we’ll let you decide for yourself.

Custom sewing for the apparel industry (a.k.a. weavers of dreams)

Cut and sew apparel manufacturing is a form of art. Our dream-makers are standing by. Are you ready?

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