Everyone knows Taylor Swift is famous in the music industry, but did you know she’s also a leader in the merch industry?

Taylor has cracked the code and shown us how powerful a strong brand identity can be by creating an empire in the merch industry that continues to thrive.

While her earnings from merchandise have not been publicly released, they are likely to be in the millions!

Taylor’s story is one that should serve as inspiration for anyone looking to make their mark in the merch world. Her profits from merchandise sales come from her extensive line of products and fast fulfillment service.

Keep reading to discover what she is doing right and what your apparel business can do to duplicate her business model.

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The Swift Strategy

Taylor’s merch business began with the success of her first album, Taylor Swift. After gaining publicity and new loyal fans (a.k.a. Swifties), she began designing merchandise that reflected her brand identity and created a unique experience for fans.

Her music career allowed her to leverage her brand and promote her merch. Yet, her focus on the fan experience allowed her merch to stand out from other artists and turn a profit.

She does not have her team design a few t-shirts and leave it at that. Instead, Taylor curates several clothing collections per year to match up with album or song releases. Fans want her merch because they connect to the personalized details she includes, including specific song lyrics.

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Swift’s collections usually include items such as crewneck sweaters, hoodies, t-shirts, jewelry, car decals, and temporary tattoos available for purchase on her online store.

She also releases limited clothing drops, adding to the exclusivity of owning Taylor merch. Her most recent Eras collection for her upcoming tour was only available for purchase for 72 hours.

Limited drops such as these create urgency among customers, generating sales and increasing the value of her merch after sales have ended. Taylor also collaborated with fashion designer Stella McCartney in 2019 for her Lovers album to create high-end and sustainable styles.

She makes sure to sell merch that connects strongly with her music and brand identity. While she collects some profit from merch sales during tours, she uses her online store throughout the year to generate the most revenue.

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The Importance of Fulfillment Services

Taylor’s merch profits, in part, can be credited to her quick fulfillment service. After purchasing an item from her online store, fans are assured their purchase will arrive on time and as ordered. Taylor also has a strong customer service team available to address product and shipping concerns.

Fulfillment services help companies run their businesses more efficiently by providing warehousing, packaging, and shipping of products to customers.

Designing intriguing merch is one thing, but actually getting the merch to customers requires an effective process. Taylor ships worldwide to fans, so it is important she has a strong fulfillment service to back up her merch business.

Why Work with an Order Fulfillment Partner?

If you want to follow Taylor Swift’s business model, we cannot emphasize how important it is to get your fulfillment process in check.

If you dream of running a 7-figure apparel business one day, you won’t be able to pack and ship orders by hand forever.

You could hire an in-house team to help you, but that would bring a slew of challenges that you may not want to deal with.

One great alternative is to work with an expert fulfillment partner.

The right fulfillment service will bring value to your business. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect from working with an order fulfillment partner:

Scalability: You can scale operations up or down as needed. Fluctuations in demand won’t slow you down. You can say goodbye to many of the headaches that come with growing your business.

Improved efficiency: When you work with a partner, you won’t be investing any of your own time or resources to process and ship orders. Your time is valuable, and a fulfillment partner will save you a lot of it.

Inventory optimization: An order fulfillment partner will give you access to leading technology, expertise, and inventory management tools that will help your business run seamlessly. Your partner will help you integrate your sales channels with their fulfillment service so everything runs smoothly.

Cost savings: An order fulfillment partner can offer economies of scale and reduced shipping costs, helping you save money on order fulfillment. By lowering your operating costs, you can invest more money into other areas of your business.

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Taylor Swift’s success in the merch business is a testament to her strong brand identity, creativity, and savvy business strategies.

Taylor has used her fame, relationships with fans, creative designs, collaboration with other brands, and fulfillment services to help promote her merchandise.

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