In this interconnected era, it seems like new fashion subcultures constantly emerge to challenge and redefine traditional style concepts.

“Techwear” is one of these subcultures. (It might sound like a term from a sci-fi movie, but we think this style is here to stay.)

Techwear represents the seamless fusion of fashion and functionality. These garments and accessories are interactive extensions of our digital lives, combining advanced textiles and wearable tech with the edgy streetwear aesthetic we’re already familiar with.

As technology continues to advance at an exponential rate, we can only expect techwear to become more relevant and prevalent in the fashion industry.

So, what’s the deal with techwear, and why do we think it will dominate the fashion scene in 2024? Let’s explore that.

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What is Techwear, Anyway?

It’s ultra-modern.

It’s futuristic.

It’s practical.

Techwear takes cues from the robust design elements of outdoorsy and military outfits and transforms them to be suitable for city life.

If you’re still a little unclear on what techwear is, think of high-performance athletic wear, urban streetwear, and wearable technology all rolled into one.

It reminds us of something the protagonist in a spy movie would wear—or maybe it belongs in The Matrix. It’s functional, high-tech fashion with an edge.

Boundaries between fashion subcultures are not always so cut and dry. That’s the beauty of techwear—it defies categorization and allows for experimentation and innovation. It is a versatile style that can be adapted to fit different needs and preferences while still maintaining its core concept of functionality and tech integration.

Innovative Examples of Techwear in the Market

Seeing is believing—so let’s look at some modern techwear examples:


Based in North America, SKINNER is a techwear pioneer. They offer products designed to protect your privacy against tangible and invisible threats. Their wearable range caters to the needs of the contemporary individual, both in the physical world and the digital realm of the metaverse.

The crown jewel in their collection is their jacket. It’s a modest—yet effective—shield against data theft and face recognition technology.

The SKINNER jacket is packed with a plethora of innovative features such as an AI-Scrambling Pattern to distort facial recognition, a Dark Pocket™ for blocking unwanted signals, and much more!

@skinner898 You have to see to believe #privacy #security #survaillance #streetwear ♬ original sound – SKINNER


Vollebak is another frontrunner. Its innovative puffer jacket, the first of its kind, leverages graphene—a single-atom thick material known for its strength, conductivity, and lightweight properties.

Infused with graphene both in its shell and insulation, this puffer jacket not only offers waterproof, windproof, and breathable features but also excels in thermoregulation. It can store and redistribute heat, mitigate humidity close to your body, and can conveniently be packed into its own hood.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Mars, this is your jacket.


Based in Jakarta, ORBITGear has roots tracing back to 2008. However, ORBITGear truly began to evolve and redefine itself in the realm of technical gear and carrygoods in 2017.

Drawing inspiration from the adaptability of sportswear, the practicality of military gear, and the functionality of mountaineering equipment, each piece is finely tuned to tackle the challenges of everyday commuting. Wearability is a priority in every piece.

Despite being proudly crafted in Indonesia, ORBITGear’s reach is global, incorporating components sourced from across the globe in their innovative designs.

Our Predictions For Trends in Techwear for 2024

As we gaze into the crystal ball of future fashion trends, there are several key facets to techwear that we anticipate to surge in 2024. The intersection of style and technology is constantly evolving, and we believe the upcoming trends will redefine the landscape of streetwear fashion. Let’s talk about these potential game-changers.


The first trend we expect is hyper-personalization. As consumers crave uniqueness and individuality, techwear brands are likely to leverage AI and Big Data to offer highly personalized clothing options. From garments that sync with your biometrics to custom-tailored clothing based on body scans, the possibilities are endless.

Smart Garments

Smart garments that interact with the wearer’s environment could also become a staple in techwear. These may include clothing items with built-in sensors to monitor health data, garments that adapt to weather conditions, or even pieces that can interact with smart devices.

Wearable Devices Integration

Another anticipated trend for 2024 is the seamless integration of wearable devices into techwear. As technology continues to shrink in size and grow in functionality, we expect to see more clothing items designed with special compartments or features to accommodate wearable technology.

This trend could redefine how we interact with technology, making our digital life an even more integral part of our daily lives.

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