We already know that fashion and pop culture are deeply intertwined, with many of the most iconic characters in TV history remembered for their style choices.

Since The Bear first aired in 2022, it has captivated viewers with its compelling plot lines and subtly stylish approach to fashion. The apparel showcased in The Bear is recognized for its unpretentious and genuine style.

Courtney Wheeler, the show’s costume designer, has been in the spotlight for her remarkable work and has shared insights about the wardrobe selections in various interviews:

At Scrappy Apparel, we decided to investigate the impact The Bear has had on modern trends and the fashion industry as a whole. Keep reading to find out what we discovered and the key takeaways from our analysis.

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Fashion enthusiasts have embraced The Bear as a refreshing milestone for modern style, celebrating its authentic approach to on-screen attire.

How Does a Show About Cooking Create an Apparel Revolution?

This sounds bizarre, right? But it’s true—The Bear has managed to do something few television shows have achieved before. It has effortlessly fused the world of high-stakes culinary drama with trendsetting fashion.

Wheeler brilliantly uses fashion to add depth to each character. More than just clothing, each outfit becomes an extension of the characters’ identities, narrating their individual stories. From Sydney’s retro-inspired tees to Marcus’ trendy streetwear, every piece of clothing tells a tale.

From the moment we met Carmy in the first episode, his vintage denim collection hinted at his refined tastes, setting the stage for a series filled with memorable fashion moments. As the show progresses into its second season, fashion enthusiasts continue dissecting each new item’s appearance… KAPITAL bandanas, Thom Browne trousers, and more!

The Real-World Fashion Phenomenon

The Bear’s style stands out for its authenticity and relatability, mirroring real-world fashion in a unique way. The show celebrates the concept of the “average guy dressed well,” transforming everyday attire into iconic fashion statements. This has struck a chord with viewers, who see themselves reflected in the characters and their style choices.

For example, Wheeler sourced Carmy’s wardrobe from:

  • High-end brands
  • Workwear stores in Chicago
  • Vintage shops

The character’s outfits blend high and low fashion, mixing designer pieces with more accessible items. This approach to styling reflects how people dress in reality, combining investment pieces with affordable finds to create a versatile and personal wardrobe.

white t-shirtCarmy’s white t-shirts, specifically from Merz b. Schwanen, have become a particular point of interest.

Fans have taken to platforms like Reddit to share their detective work in identifying specific articles of clothing from the show, demonstrating the strong connection viewers feel toward the characters’ style.

This phenomenon speaks to the power of fashion in storytelling. Although The Bear is not inherently focused on fashion, the attention to detail in the characters’ wardrobes adds depth to their personalities and makes them more relatable. The fact that viewers are actively seeking out the same clothes shows just how much they identify with the characters and their style.

What Makes a TV Show’s Fashion So Influential?

Now that we’ve explored The Bear’s impact on fashion, let’s look at what elements make a television show’s fashion stand out from the crowd.

The impact of a TV show’s fashion can often extend far beyond the confines of the screen, shaping real-world style trends and influencing consumer behavior. Several factors contribute to making the fashion element of a TV show so influential:

  • Relatability: Viewers tend to identify with characters who they perceive as similar to themselves in terms of personality, lifestyle, or circumstances. When these characters’ wardrobes reflect these relatable elements, viewers are more likely to be inspired by their style.
  • Character Development: Costume designers use fashion as a tool for storytelling, subtly communicating information about the characters through their clothing choices. This can reveal aspects of their personality, track their evolution, and indicate their status.
  • Accessibility: If the outfits worn by characters are within reach for the average viewer, in terms of both availability and affordability, it increases the likelihood of those styles gaining popularity off-screen.
  • Media Coverage: Online discussions of a show’s fashion can create buzz, and viewers often turn to social media platforms to find out where they can buy the clothes they see on screen.
  • Celebrity Influence: The actors and actresses themselves can become fashion influencers. Their own personal style can influence perceptions of their characters, and their off-screen fashion choices can become trendsetters in their own right.

The Bear has all of these elements—and more! It’s a prime example of how fashion can elevate the viewing experience.

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