Do you have a statement to make?

Or maybe you have a design that is so great that you simply cannot resist printing it all over a garment?

Well, all over print clothing is a phenomenal way to show off your designs. You can print your artwork on t-shirts, hoodies, polos… you name it!

If you want to achieve this striking look for your own custom apparel, there are two key printing methods to consider:

All Over Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing uses an advanced technique to print detailed images onto custom apparel. This printing method is perfect for all over print clothing because it produces a vibrant and durable print that will not crack, fade, or peel.

Sublimation works best on polyester fabrics. Polyester is a popular fabric choice because it is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to wear (a.k.a. perfect for sweet summertime!)

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) for All Over Sublimation Printing is 12 pieces. It’s the way to go if you don’t want to order 100 garments or more at a time.

All Over Screen Printing

Screen printing is our OG custom apparel technique. It works best on natural fibers like cotton. All over screen printing is a great option if you want to print all over your apparel with just a few colors.

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) for All Over Screen Printing is 100 pieces.

So, what are the differences between All Over Sublimation Printing and All Over Screen Printing?

Here are the differentiators that will affect which printing method you should use for your custom apparel project:

The fabric you decide to use

If you want polyester, sublimation is the way to go. If you want cotton or other natural fibers, screen printing is the better option.

The number of colors in your design

Sublimation gives you free range to use as many colors as you want in your all over print clothing designs.

With screen printing, more colors = more expensive. We don’t want to discourage you from creating crazy rainbow designs, but it’s something to keep in mind!

How many garments you want

Since All Over Sublimation Printing has a MOQ of 12 pieces, it’s the best choice if you are planning to order a small batch of garments.

With these tips in mind, let’s look at some all over print clothing trends for summer:

floral prints

Floral prints

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?

Floral prints, of course!

This project from Emporium Pies was a blast to create. We printed an all over floral design onto polyester fabric with sublimation. The final product was stunning, and we loved how the colors popped against the fabric.

All over print floral shirts are a great way to show off your designs and get into the summer spirit.

But don’t limit yourself to palm fronds and hibiscus flowers—any type of flower will bring a vibrant touch to your design. Roses, daisies, and sunflowers all make for beautiful all over print clothing designs.

seamless patterns

Seamless patterns

Another all over print clothing trend that’s perfect for summer is seamless patterns.

This example from Proud Ninety makes a big splash. We love how the artwork contrasts the color of the garment.

Seamless patterns are repeating designs that can be tiled infinitely without any visible seams.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing a seamless pattern. You can use geometric shapes, florals, or even abstract designs.

If you want to create all over print artwork but don’t know where to start, a seamless pattern is a great option—and we have a free article on how to create one in Adobe Illustrator.

photorealistic artwork

Photorealistic artwork

If you want to get really creative with your all over print clothing designs, you can try photorealistic artwork. This example we created for SolidCAM looks legit.

Photorealistic all over prints are perfect for designs that are too detailed to screen print. They’re made for sublimation printing.

This printing method allows you to print all over your apparel with full color, lifelike designs.

You can use any type of image, as long as it has a high enough resolution.

polyester polo

The polo look

Did you know that polo and polyester are a match made in heaven?

Polos are in this summer (and let’s be real, they’re in every summer).

All over print polos are a wardrobe staple. They’re perfect for all your warm-weather activities, whether you’re hitting the links or just hanging out with friends.

This garment we created for Domino’s Pizza shows how you can use All Over Sublimation Printing to marry work attire with a casual, fun, and vibrant look.

camo hoodie

All over print hoodies

Hoodies aren’t just limited to the fall and winter months. On windy summer nights, hoodies come in clutch and look cool at the same time.

This example from our project with Passion Sports Camo shows what’s possible with a durable, yet breathable garment and a sports-inspired take on a classic print.

The power of sublimation + a 5-star print + a retail-soft garment = your new favorite hoodie. If you don’t believe us, we invite you to order samples of our garments to experience the quality for yourself.

line drawing illustrations

Line drawing illustrations

Line drawing illustrations are a great way to add some whimsy to your all over print design. This garment we created for The University of Illinois at Chicago combines subtle line art with bold, high-contrast letters.

Line illustrations are usually pretty simple, but they can be really effective. They can also be easily repeated to create a cohesive all over print clothing designs.

This summer, you can use line drawings to depict flowers, the ocean, or anything else that reminds you of warm weather and long hours of daylight.

Let’s bring your summery ideas to life.

At Scrappy Apparel, we have all the tools and resources you need to guide your custom apparel project from pre-production to delivery.

If you have a question, just ask. Our team can help you decide the best printing method, fabric, and ink for your custom apparel project.

Ready to begin your project? Let’s swing into summer with your dope designs!

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