Today, the worlds of art, fashion, and design are intertwined more than ever. (We can thank the Internet and social media for that!)

Artists from all walks of life influence major fashion labels, boutique designs, and much more.

Modern graffiti dates back to 1960, but it remains a prominent force in our culture to this day. With the recent boom of the street art scene, many streetwear brands have incorporated graffiti-style designs, coloring, and lettering into their collections. 

Now, we see the personality and self-expression of graffiti murals on both the street and the runway.

As wearable art becomes the norm, you won’t want to miss our insights into how today’s fashion designers leverage the influence of graffiti to add more *spice* to their collections.

Keep reading to learn about the artistic phenomenon of graffiti and how to capitalize on the latest trends with Scrappy Apparel’s solutions!

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How Does Graffiti Translate into Fashion?

Graffiti is all about urban creativity in action—but it offers a more rebellious approach to artistic expression. From popping prints to intricate line work, there are many ways you can identify graffiti art in fashion. 

Here’s how today’s designers are using graffiti styles to spice up everyday threads:

Bright Colors

Street art loves to use those lively, vibrant hues to set the scene. You’ll spot them in tons of fashion collections. Designers use these bold shades to make these garments stand out on the street—and make a statement, of course!

Funky Patterns

Street art has a thing for abstract patterns, too. Designers use these artsy patterns to tell stories and create seriously unique looks.

Expressive Clothing

There’s more to graffiti art than meets the eye. It’s about self-expression and making a statement without saying a single word. With this style, your outfit serves as a visual icebreaker to inspire people and get them thinking.

These are some of the ingredients that go into a graffiti-inspired look. These elements play a key role in today’s streetwear aesthetic. 

For example, you can see how some brands incorporate subtle graffiti elements into their designs.

Mark Fast

A graffiti-inspired garment from fashion brand Mark Fast.

Even without flashy colors, graffiti clothing can still stand out:


VETEMENTS‘ take on the graffiti trend. Featured on the online luxury marketplace italist.

As the lines between art and fashion blur, brands and artists collaborate to turn cultural value into a unique medium of communication.

Let’s Rewind to Discover How Graffiti Went from the Streets to the Modern Fashion Industry!

Garments with graffiti-inspired designs have made their way from the streets to runways in mainstream high fashion. 

Here’s a look at how graffiti started and how the fashion world has embraced it:

The Graffiti Pioneers

So many iconic artists influenced the graffiti movement, including Banksy, Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Lady Pink… but today, we’re going to focus on two artists whose work proved influential in the fashion world.

Keith Haring was among the first to bring street art vibes to fancy places like museums and art galleries. The way he tackled heavy subjects with a fun and upbeat look set him apart from the crowd of street artists. 

Vivienne Westwood, a well-known luxury brand, used Keith’s drawings as inspiration for its “Witches” collection. As one of the pioneers of graffiti, Keith’s work is one of the main reasons street art is so popular these days.

Keith Haring

Barneby’s Magazine reminisced Keith Haring’s genius work in an online feature, published 30 years after his passing.

Another street art legend is Jean Michel Basquiat. His neo-expressionist art blew up in New York’s gritty punk scene—and it has been showcased in the world’s top art galleries. Today, you can find his works on tees everywhere.


Widewalls created a compilation of some of Jean Michel Basquiat’s most exciting works.

The Birth of the Modern Graffiti Garments We See Today

Since the 1960s, many designers have been drawing inspiration from Keith’s and Jean’s work to create one-of-a-kind garments and accessories. Graffiti art might have had humble beginnings—but over time, it made its way into major fashion houses. Luxury labels such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Moschino, and Off-White have also taken inspiration from graffiti-styled art.


Check out the graffiti-like patterns on Off-White’s Goretex collection.

Why Graffiti is Taking Center Stage in 2024 and Beyond

Recent data from Business Research Insights shows that the global streetwear market is expected to expand by 3.52% by 2028. As streetwear has exploded in popularity in recent years, graffiti-style fashion has played a crucial role in its growth. 

Fashion pieces featuring graffiti aesthetics are in high demand. Like most art, it mingles with other subcultures, such as skate, surf and hip-hop.

That makes graffiti wear extremely versatile. Whether you’re hitting the gym, chilling with friends, clubbing, or shredding on your skateboard, you can rock a graffiti-inspired look.

The graffiti movement in streetwear isn’t over. In fact, it’s only beginning.

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