Have you ever noticed how apparel brands seem to be speaking your language lately?

It’s no secret that millennials have become a force to be reckoned with in the consumer landscape. Clothing companies have been quick to catch on, employing some savvy tactics to connect with this influential demographic.

Cause-related marketing is one of the tactics that has been making waves lately. This approach uses a brand’s platform to spread positive messages and support causes that resonate with consumers. Think of it as a powerful alliance between fashion and social impact.

Picture this:

Your favorite apparel company partners with organizations dedicated to social justice, channeling their collective influence to raise awareness, drive change, and make a real difference in the world. It’s a win-win situation. Not only does the brand capture your attention, but it also demonstrates its commitment to the issues you care deeply about.

91% of millennials prefer brands associated with a good cause. When marketing to the millennial demographic, it pays to do good in the world.

If you’d consider launching a cause-related marketing campaign for your brand, keep reading—because we’re going to share some helpful insights and examples of apparel brands that have done it successfully.

Examples of Successful Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns From Apparel Brands

Before we talk strategy, here are a few examples to help you understand the impact cause-related marketing can create:


TOMS’ “One for One®”

TOMS made a bold promise—to donate a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes they sold. This campaign struck a chord because it merged a social cause with a for-profit business model, proving that doing good can go hand in hand with being successful.

Customers went wild for it, and who could blame them? People yearned to contribute to a cause beyond just purchasing a product, and TOMS delivered that opportunity on a silver platter. Their social media savvy customers spread the word online and ignited a wave of awareness.

But TOMS didn’t stop there. They knew how to take social media engagement to the next level. They created the “One Day Without Shoes” campaign in which they urged customers to snap photos of their bare feet and share them online. It was a playful way to raise awareness and get people talking.

As the campaign gained momentum, TOMS expanded its reach by extending its support to other causes close to their customers’ hearts. They tackled issues like water scarcity, birth complications, and anti-bullying initiatives. By broadening their impact, TOMS made a lasting impression on the world.


Gap’s “Gap For Good”

Let’s talk about Gap’s game-changing campaign, “Gap For Good,” which hit the scene back in 2017. This campaign was all about blending style with sustainability and social responsibility, and boy, did it make waves!

Gap called upon its customers to declutter their closets and bring their used clothing to Gap stores for recycling. It was a win-win situation, really. Customers got to do their part in reducing waste and giving their old clothes a new lease on life, while Gap showed its commitment to sustainability and making a positive impact.

But why was “Gap For Good” such a hit? Well, it all boils down to knowing your audience. Gap understood that their target market, those environmentally conscious and socially responsible folks, were itching for ways to align their fashion choices with their values. And “Gap For Good” delivered exactly that—a chance to be stylish and make a difference.

Gap didn’t tackle this mission alone, either. They teamed up with Goodwill, a trusted partner in the world of recycling and reuse, to support the Donate Movement, an initiative that educates people on why donating is good for people and the planet. This collaboration was a key ingredient in building trust with customers, showing them that Gap’s commitment to sustainability wasn’t just a baseless claim—it was a tangible reality.

Positive press coverage helped spread the word far and wide, reinforcing Gap’s image as a brand that truly cares about the planet and its people.


Everlane’s “Black Friday Fund”

Everlane, known for their commitment to transparency and sustainability, decided to flip the script on the retail frenzy of Black Friday. Instead of solely focusing on sales and profits, they pledged to donate a portion of their Black Friday earnings to a specific cause they chose for that year. Talk about shopping with a purpose!

For example, in 2019 Everlane partnered with the mighty Oceana to fund their valiant campaigns against single-use plastic. Everlane pledged to contribute $10 for every order placed on Black Friday, with a cap at a whopping $300,000.

Everlane’s commitment to transparency and sustainability resonated deeply with their customers. Shoppers were eager to be part of a movement that went beyond fashion, making an impact on the world around them.

Over the years, the Everlane Black Friday Fund has become a staple of the company’s marketing strategy, raising over $1 million for various causes. It’s more than just a one-off event—it’s a powerful movement that has become synonymous with Everlane’s mission and values.

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