According to research by Shopify, around 50% of new brands fail within the first five years. We would never say this to discourage you, but it’s important to be aware of the roadblocks you may face along the way.

Apparel brands face unique challenges, especially when it comes to the manufacturing process. Every step of the supply chain must be executed with precision and care if you want your design to come out looking how you imagined it would.

Even the tiniest slip-ups can throw a wrench in the plan—causing delays, unsatisfactory products, and unhappy customers. No one wants that!

Today, we want to open up the conversation about 5 common manufacturing errors to keep an eye out for. Our apparel experts have some practical tips up our sleeves to help you steer clear of these mishaps.

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1. Sizing Inconsistencies

Sure, there are industry standards for clothing sizes. However, many brands have their own sizing rules, and this applies to blanks as well. A size “large” may vary in fit across different brands.

Sometimes, even within the same brand, there can be inconsistencies due to factors like:

  • Lack of quality control during production
  • Changes in manufacturing locations leading to differences in craftsmanship
  • Use of different suppliers for materials, resulting in variability in texture and color
  • Not considering the drape of the type of fabric used
  • Fluctuations in the attention to detail among workers or shifts

Getting the right garment fit is trickier than you’d expect. According to McKinsey, 70% of returns are due to poor fit or style! This issue not only affects customer satisfaction but also harms brand loyalty and image.


Always make sure to give your manufacturer detailed specs and size charts. Conduct regular quality checks of your products. It’s super important to choose a manufacturing partner with strict quality control. Ask in advance what measures they take!

At Scrappy Apparel, whether you need 500 garments or 10,000, you can count on getting the right sizes. Our revolutionary Brand Building Process (BBP) promises accuracy and uniformity, even when we’re turning around thousands of garments in a few weeks.

2. Fabric Quality Flaws

According to Eurofins, around 20% of garment defects are associated with fabric quality flaws. Low-quality materials or flaws in textiles can result in a poor-quality batch of apparel. These are the seven most common fabric defects:

  • Fabric stains
  • Uneven fabric color
  • Color bleeding
  • Fabric shrinkage
  • Holes, snags, and runs
  • Fabric distortions
  • Fabric yarn defects


Work closely with your manufacturer to choose fabrics that are tough and suitable for the type of garment you’re producing.

At Scrappy Apparel, we handpick the highest quality materials and partner with suppliers who maintain luxury-level standards. 

The fabric quality and type are key factors in durability, comfort, and washability. We personally select all fabrics and rigorously test them before giving the green light for use.

Before shipping from our warehouse, every garment goes through multiple quality checks. This process involves:

  • Examining each piece for flaws
  • Ensuring print accuracy and vibrancy
  • Maintaining consistent sizing across all orders

3. Printing Mistakes

Once the ink hits, there is no “erase” button in printing. If you’re not working with a genuine apparel manufacturing expert, you could get stuck with a subpar piece. You may also have to waste time/money reformatting, reprinting, and reshipping your materials. 

The most common printing mistakes are:

  • Misaligned artwork
  • Ink issues
  • Ignoring fabric characteristics
  • Incorrect color reproduction
  • Low-resolution prints
  • Forgetting about bleed or safety zones


At Scrappy Apparel, we take pride in our retail-ready screen printing solution that goes the extra mile.

What does that mean? Well, we do more than just print your design—we make sure your garments are all set to hit the shelves or ship to your customer’s doorstep.

We’re all about the little things. You can trust us to ensure your garments are truly retail-ready.

And have you heard about our standout service, The Monster Screen Print? We can print your design up to a whopping 17” x 22”—way bigger than what most local print shops offer.

We’re experts in large-format screen printing, so give us your design and watch us bring it to life—in a larger-than-life way!

4. Inattention to Detail

How often have you checked out a shirt you were going buy and noticed a missing stitch or an extra 3 cm thread? 

Little things like stitching, buttons, and trims really shape the look and quality of clothing.

Neglecting these details could result in poorly made apparel, leading to unhappy customers, returns, and harm to your reputation. 

Here are some common defects from lack of attention that you should watch out for:

  • Defected stitches
  • Untrimmed threads
  • Puckering defects
  • Open or unsecured seams
  • Joint defects
  • Button defects


Clearly state your expectations and check sample items carefully. Work with manufacturers like Scrappy Apparel who are known for their focus on detail and quality. We meticulously examine every single detail that impacts your apparel’s quality.

Strong stitching guarantees garment longevity. The stitches in our garments stay intact wash after wash. 

5. Poor Production Management

Sometimes, the root of the issue isn’t in the garment itself—it’s in the process.

Too often, apparel brands work with manufacturers and struggle with:

  • Communication issues
  • Production delays
  • Cost overruns

It may be hard to design and put into practice a “perfect” process of clothing manufacturing. However, knowing these problems and dealing with them in the right manner is key.


Select a manufacturer with a reliable production management system. 

At Scrappy Apparel, we always communicate clearly and set expectations with our partners on everything from schedules to budgets. 

That’s right—when you choose us, you can expect:

  • Apparel-first solutions
  • High-end manufacturing capabilities
  • Streamlined (and headache-free) fulfillment solutions
  • Swift turnaround times
  • Reliable shipping—never, ever late!

How Scrappy Apparel Solves Common Problems for Clothing Brands

At Scrappy Apparel, we believe that quality is non-negotiable. We ensure that our supply chain is seamless and efficient, leaving no room for the common errors we mentioned above.

By selecting an end-to-end apparel manufacturing and fulfillment partner like us, you can steer clear of these pitfalls and enjoy a worry-free production cycle that will delight your customers time and time again.

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