The New Trend: Work from home 

Due to the ongoing situation of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown,it would not be a lot to say that companies are widely adopting the work-from-home culture. With the staff comfortably attending zoom calls, the remote working set-up has become the new normal.

As a matter of fact, some of the top companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Infosys, Microsoft, Quora, SAP, Siemens, and more have announced that their employees will be working from home indefinitely. The employees have also appreciated this super-fast transition because this gives them more time with family.

The Struggle and Reward

With this successful experiment of teams working remotely, the working schedule has been changed drastically and the standard 40 hours a-week schedule has been increased notoriously high for most of the American employees.

Struggle and Reward

To pin down the stress and to motivate the team, companies have started to invest in work-from-home gifts for their employees. The trend invogue is to appreciate employees with work-from-home apparels. This combines the intention of gifting your employee as well as brand promotion on the side.

Work from home T-Shirts

Giving customized work-from-home t-shirts to the employees sends a very powerful message that you are behind them in this situation and making an effort to improve their productivity and sense of organization. These custom t-shirts also spur critical and creative thinking.

Additionally, it makes the employee feel more loyal towards the company that thinks so much for them.

While all this makes you feel blessed about the idea of gifting employees with customized t-shirts during work-from-home, you would also be glad to know that this idea is profitable for the cost-bearing company as well. It is a way to create awareness about your brand without really tipping it.

Just imagine a zoom call where all the employees wear the same t-shirt with your logo or motto on it. Sounds so mesmerizing, isn’t it? Well, we can’t agree more.

Work from home T-Shirts

Work from home Apparel for Clients

If you have a client-facing company, we suggest that you must invest in this idea of customized work-from-home apparel. We all know that everyone likes gifts. And while your clients must be tired sitting at home in front of the laptop or unhappy with the low economic movements, it is high time you should pamper them with these trendy work-from-home t-shirts. These can be good mood-setters and you don’t have to name yourself all the time. A catchy phrase may lighten up their mood and create a brand presence for you in a jiffy!

Work from home Apparel for Clients

Benefits of Work from home T-shirts

Increase Productivity:

One of the biggest hurdles of many work-from-home employees is getting started and staying focused on their work. Between kids, meals, and meetings, dressing aptly shouldn’t be another task on the list. So, give them something that they appreciate and that appreciates them.

Practical and Useful:

There is an abundance of gifting ideas for work-from-home employees but the best gift is something that can be used, reused, and visible. A pen, a mug, or a plant will have a shelf life. The pen will die soon, the mug may break or be of no use to someone who doesn’t like tea or coffee and the plant may dry off or demand extra care. So, when you think of gifting, always keep in mind items that you imagine them using and seeing frequently.

Enhance Creativity:

You don’t want robots to do your work. You want real humans to work for you to generate great results and fantastic returns for your company. And this can be achieved when the employee uses both mind and heart to strategize for the campaigns. So, to keep the creative juices flowing, you as a company need to be creative on some level. Encouraging out-of-the-box thinking with powerful messages written on your work-from-home t-shirt is the way to go!

Team Spirit:

Of course, your employees have everything they need for their tasks. But sometimes what they really need is motivation – that their team, their company is standing with them in the time of need and forever. The human touch is a gift that makes the employees feel great about the current situation without any underlying hints of expectations while working from home.

Appropriate Attire:

Did the client just called for a quick 10-minutes Zoom meeting? Well, don’t rush to shave or search for the perfect shirt. Be presentable and comfortable in your company’s work-from-home t-shirt. There is nothing more appropriate than a customized t-shirt with a brand logo (screaming!) professional approach. Yes, there is a lot to a custom company t-shirt than you’ve imagined during the in-trend work-from-home set-up.

Benefits of Work from home T-shirts


Once Carl Rogers said, and we quote, “In my early professional years, I was asking the question: How can I treat, or cure, or change this person? Now I would phrase the question in this way: How can I provide a relationship which this person may use for his own personal growth?”

So, while setting up milestones for your employees and clients, coupling them with a customized work-from-home t-shirt as gratitude during these testing times may gain you better relationships for a longer time.