You might think of university spirit wear as a niche product, and in some ways it is. However, that does not make it insignificant.

In Fall 2022, there were about 17.9 million students enrolled in colleges and universities across the United States. That is a large portion of the population who can relate to and connect with university spirit wear—and that’s not even including all the alumni out there!

University spirit wear has transcended fashion and become an integral part of campus culture. It goes beyond wearing a logo or mascot—it represents a deep-rooted connection to the institution, a symbol of shared experiences and cherished memories. It’s a way for students and alumni to proudly showcase their affiliation and foster a sense of unity.

We’re about to explore how universities are able to harness the powerful magnetism of university spirit wear to sell out their apparel collections.

The University of Central Florida online spirit shop sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, accessories, and much more.

The “Online Spirit Shop” Sales Channel

An online spirit shop allows alumni, students, and fans to purchase merchandise from their laptops, phones, or other devices. It makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to show their spirit and stay connected to the university. These online spirit shops feature clothing, accessories, and other merchandise with the school’s logo or mascot prominently displayed.

Examples of Successful Online Spirit Shops

Why E-Commerce Works So Well For Universities

In general, lots of brands are benefitting from e-commerce. The e-commerce fashion industry is predicted to rise to more than $1.2 trillion by 2027.

But e-commerce is especially helpful for universities, and here’s why:

Increased Reach

With an online spirit shop, universities can connect with supporters far and wide. It’s not limited to the campus anymore! Alumni, parents, and fans from all over can browse and buy spirit wear without leaving their homes.

Shop Anytime, Anywhere

Convenience is the name of the game. Online shopping lets people browse and purchase spirit wear whenever and wherever they want. No more rushing to catch the store before it closes. It’s 24/7 shopping at its finest.

Endless “Shelf Space”

Forget about cramped store shelves. The online spirit shop can showcase a huge selection of spirit wear. From cozy hoodies to snazzy hats and everything in between, there’s something for every fan.

Insights that Matter

The beauty of online sales platforms is the valuable insights they provide. Universities can peek behind the scenes to see what customers love, which products are popular, and spot trends. With this knowledge, they can make smarter decisions to improve their products.

Colleges and universities that don’t have an online spirit shop are missing out on a huge opportunity. With e-commerce, universities can reach a wider audience, offer more products, and understand their customers better.

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Spirit Wear Sales Can Raise Funds and Make an Impact

How do spirit shops sell their products? Well, they use the same strategy that nearly every clothing brand uses—by offering sales that are too good to pass up.

We’ll give you an example. At Bates Technical College, the Bates Foundation held an incredible spirit wear sale by offering a 35% discount on all their branded spirit wear.

This is the best part—the foundation aims to help students in need. They established the Student Emergency Support Fund to assist students who are facing financial crises.

The Bates Foundation ensures that the emergency support provided helps bridge the gap of financial need, allowing these students to keep moving forward on their educational journey.

So, the purpose behind the spirit wear sale wasn’t just to drive conversions. It was also to give back and provide a helping hand in times of need. That drove students and alumni alike to purchase spirit wear to help their peers.

Spirit wear can also serve as a fundraising tool for universities. Some universities offer free spirit wear to donors who make financial contributions or memberships during a designated period of time.

This incentivizes donors to give back to their alma mater and helps build a spirit of giving among alumni, students, and the general population.

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As shown in our work for The University of Illinois Chicago, you have unlimited creative freedom when you work with Scrappy Apparel.

How Scrappy Apparel Produces University Spirit Wear That Stands Out

One of the biggest challenges for universities is creating spirit wear that makes a statement. Since the apparel sold in online spirit shops can look similar, it can be difficult to make spirit wear that’s truly unique.

At Scrappy Apparel, we offer an all-in-one manufacturing and fulfillment solution that opens up a world of opportunities for custom apparel. Our capabilities extend beyond what a local print shop can provide, and our process eliminates all the common bottlenecks in apparel manufacturing.

Here’s what makes us different:

Diverse Fabric Options

First of all, we source all the materials for you, so you don’t have to worry about chasing down vendors and managing multiple suppliers. We offer a wide range of fabrics that can be used to create high-quality custom apparel.

Our fashion fabric blend of 98% polyester and 2% spandex ensures a comfortable and flexible fit, perfect for stylish and contemporary university apparel.

We also have a sport fabric blend of 92% polyester and 8% spandex that provides durability and performance-enhancing qualities.

With our fabric options, we can design customized university spirit wear that fosters a sense of pride, community, and belonging.

Custom Dyes and Washes

At Scrappy Apparel, we recognize the significance of university spirit wear that accurately represents the unique branding of your institution. That’s why we offer custom dyes and washes, allowing us to elevate your university spirit wear with precise Pantone color matching.

You can capture the exact shade of your university’s colors or replicate iconic tones associated with your athletic teams or traditions. By ensuring brand consistency and enhancing the perception of your university, our custom colors help create a cohesive and spirited image that resonates with students, alumni, and fans alike.

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Private Labeling Capabilities

Private labeling allows you to reinforce your brand identity by showcasing your university’s logo, name, and contact information on the apparel, increasing brand recognition and establishing a professional image. With custom screen printed neck labels, you can personalize your apparel even further, incorporating unique branding elements, taglines, or care instructions.

This customization not only sets your university spirit wear apart in the market but also creates a premium and authentic feel that resonates with your students, alumni, and fans. Private labeling and custom neck labels contribute to brand consistency, ensuring that all apparel items carry the same branded elements and convey your commitment to quality.

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Our 3PL Program

It’s no secret that universities experience fluctuations in student populations. This can be challenging when it comes to accurately predicting demand for spirit wear, as universities are constantly managing inventory levels and storage space.

Our 3PL program is designed to streamline the entire process, from order management to shipping logistics. With our expertise in handling inventory control and shipping, universities can focus on their core activities while leaving the fulfillment process in capable hands.

We offer scalable solutions to accommodate fluctuating demand, and our flexibility allows us to tailor our services to meet universities’ specific requirements. By partnering with us, universities can optimize their apparel fulfillment operations and deliver a seamless experience to their community.

Team Up with Scrappy Apparel!

We’re excited to bring you the best of both worlds—quality apparel and reliable fulfillment services. Our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and passion for providing a stellar customer experience make us the perfect partner for brands that need an all-in-one solution.

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