In the current times of social media trends, the youth is very much into exploring the not-so-obvious! And by this, we mean pulling out fashion trends that are just so amazing that we can’t take our eyes off them.

One of such trends is the custom tee with a sun sign design. Sun-sign, which is basically the sun’s position during one’s birth, has become a power statement these days. And believe it or not, people love to flaunt their sun signs in the form of tattoos, phone covers, and the new one – through custom printed t-shirts.

The young generation is getting more vocal about their choices, and in this case, they love to wear their astrological sign showing their unique personality trait proudly.

Now, you must be thinking, what is wow in a sun-sign print on a t-shirt? Well, we ask you what is not!

If you go on exploring the market, you will get a bounty of different designs, patterns, texts on a t-shirt for each sun sign. And counting mainly the 12 major sun signs, we say it will not take more than a moment to confuse you as to which one you want to buy.

So, here we are to your rescue to explain a few of the best sun-sign t-shirt ideas.

Custom Sun-Sign T-shirt

To start with, you first need to understand why you need a sun-sign print t-shirt? No, you see, astrological signs or sun signs are a way to expose a person’s specific characteristics. These can include being pretty to being an introvert. And this is what makes it so cool that you can choose to discuss a person without really knowing them but just by what sun sign they choose to wear.

This is just for fun and keeps the happy vibes going. So, let’s start with a little about sun-sign and how you can style it in your custom tee.

Sun Sign T-shirt Ideas

Every astrological sign has a unique trait, and people love to show that off. As mentioned previously, these traits can be pleasing or strong in their nature. However, here we will tell you how to move forward with designing your sun sign custom tee.

The Icon:

Every sun sign has a unique icon or logo. No two icons can be the same in the list of 12 astrological signs. So, the first idea of a custom tee for your sun sign can be to get the icon printed on your customized t-shirt. It is a simple way of flaunting your astrological sign, and especially if you are an introvert and like to maintain distance, there is nothing cooler than this idea. You tell people how you are without really interacting!



Add the Bling:

If you think that your custom tee with a sun sign isn’t coming out well, add some bling! The newest fashion trend demands some bling in communication, and a tee with glitter has our heart at first sight. Even if you are a male and don’t want to put on glitter, go for foil printing and shine bright!

Text Your Traits:

We all know that Virgos are shy or, for that matter, Geminis are always excited. The list goes on for all twelve of them. So, where do you fit in? Get your zodiac traits carved on your tee (too dramatic but fun). Instead of boring text and the ones you see on any t-shirt, get your traits printed on your t-shirt. Let the world know about you just by looking at your tee. This is so much fun. We can’t wait to get our own!



Celebrity Mania:

Do you share your sun sign with a star? Obviously, there are so many celebrities who will fall under your sun sign. So, get your favorite movie, sports, television star printed on your t-shirt. In fact, this is a great idea for intellectuals who are not into movies but remember the Third Law of Motion (by Newton) by heart. By the way, Sir Isaac Newton was a Capricorn. So, you know what you need to print!

Quote Your Thought:

There are so many quotations related to every sun sign that exemplifies the sign. So, if you like the text on your tee, then here is your time. These quotations cannot change over time, so once you get a t-shirt with a sun sign quotation, it will remain as it is for a lifetime. Therefore, you can wear your quotation for a long-long

What’s in The Name:

Not a fan of too much text or graphics? Well, just the name of your sun sign is enough. Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius – 12 distinctive names for each sun sign, and one of them is yours. So, if you are proud of your sun sign, get it printed on your t-shirt. Add colors, glitter, font styles, and more to make it look absolutely stunning!

Color of Your Sun Sign:

Do you know that every sun sign has a unique color associated with it? Colors carry energy, and they can really make you shine if worn properly. Colors not just engage with your energy but also enhance your confidence and strength. To help you with your sun sign color, we are adding the list below:
Aries – Red
Taurus- Green
Gemini- Yellow
Cancer- White and Silver
Leo – Orange and Gold
Virgo – Green and Dark Brown
Libra – Pink and Blue
Scorpion – Black and Maroon
Sagittarius – Purple
Capricorn – Brown, and Grey
Aquarius – Blue
Pisces- Light Green
With these colors, either you can use the t-shirt color the same as your sun sign, or the text can be in the color of your sun sign. This will not just make you look nice but will also enhance the positive vibes around you.


As we are concluding, we really want you to know that sun signs do not decide who you are. You make your destiny, and these are just for added fun in life. Fashion is all about being happy and confident in what you wear. And while we promote customized apparel, we strongly believe that wearing trendy styles elevates your look and confidence with ease. So, if you are looking to fit into the current fashion trends, check for a sun sign t-shirt for yourself!