Download Free 3D Apparel Template for Women's Fitted - L/S T-Shirt Hoodie

Great mockups are the secret to showcasing your custom apparel and selling more products. We created these free 3D apparel templates to help you do exactly that.

You just hit the jackpot. (Well, actually you just discovered our free 3D apparel templates, but that’s pretty much the same thing.)

If you’ve ever wanted to mock up your custom apparel designs so you can promote them on your website and social media platforms, we have great news for you. These 3D apparel templates are your solution.

How to use our 3D apparel templates:

  1. Smash the “Download” button below.
  2. Unzip the folder and open the PSD files that say “FRONT” and “BACK.” (Do not touch the ones that are named “FRONT DISPLACEMENT” or “BACK DISPLACEMENT.”)
  3. Add your apparel design to the layer that says “Replace this.” Delete the placeholder graphic.
  4. In the “Shirt Color” layer, choose the color of your garment using the hex code or color picker tool.
  5. Optional: Add your logo to the “YOUR LOGO HERE” layer.
  6. Optional: Change the background of your mockup by updating the “NEW ARRIVAL” layer.

Our 3D apparel templates are perfect for:

  • Mockups: Show off your creations in a professional way!
  • Social media posts: Flex on your competitors by posting your designs on Instagram or your favorite social media platform.
  • Website graphics: You can use the templates to create product images to use in your online store or other promotional graphics on your website.

Why use our 3D apparel templates?

  • They are pristine quality 3D renderings. Your competitors’ jaws will be on the floor when they see how amazing your designs look in these apparel templates.
  • There are no user restrictions for these custom apparel templates—except for taking the template files and redistributing them as your own, which is obviously NOT COOL. However, you are totally welcome to use the templates to share your creations online and visualize your artwork before it’s printed.
  • They are easy to use. All you need is Photoshop and a completed apparel design. We did all the legwork for you to develop these templates that will “WOW” your potential customers.