distribution channels for custom apparel

The Pros and Cons of Distribution Channels for Custom Apparel

Manufacturing your custom apparel is one step, but what happens after you receive your inventory? How will you distribute your apparel to your fans?

There are many options for distribution, each with its own set of pros and cons that you should consider before making your decision.

We created a free guide that covers the ins and outs of apparel distribution and which methods are the most cost-effective.

In the guide, we share our thoughts on the following channels:

• Your own brick-and-mortar store

• Wholesale

• Online marketplaces

• Direct-to-consumer (D2C)

• Third-party logistics (3PL)

• Dropshipping

• Omnichannel

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Uploaded on: July 11, 2022

In this value-packed guide, we will go over:

  • The different distribution channels available to you
  • The pros and cons of each channel

…and much more!