Building a t-shirt brand is not an easy task. You must invest time, effort, and money to get your name out there and make your custom screen print shirts recognizable. But once you have a strong brand, it can be very rewarding. Not only will customers purchase your products, but they’ll also be more likely to recommend your brand to others.

If you’re looking for a way to take your custom t-shirt business to the next level, you should consider private labeling your garments. Private labeling allows you to put your own brand on the shirts that you print, which can help you attract new customers and grow your business.

Today, we’ll look closely at private labeling, its benefits, and how to start the process.

What Is Private Labeling?

Private labeling is when a manufacturer produces a product for a brand that will sell it under its own name and branding.

For example, let’s say you have a custom t-shirt business and want to private label your shirts. You would find an apparel manufacturer (like us) that can produce the garments for you. Instead of adding the manufacturer’s logo to the garment, you would add your own neck labels and hang tags with your brand’s logo on them.

The manufacturer would then send the shirts to you, and you would sell them under your own brand.

Benefits of Private Labeling Your Custom Shirts

Although private labeling will increase your overall investment into your custom apparel, it offers several benefits that can help you grow your business.

Here’s why you should consider using private labeling as a brand-building strategy:

It Looks Professional

Customers will perceive your brand as more professional if you’re private labeling your products. It shows that you’re serious about your brand and are willing to invest in it. This can help you attract new customers and encourage them to purchase your products.

It Helps You Stand Out from the Competition

There are thousands of t-shirt brands, so it’s important to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Private labeling can help you do that by allowing you to put your own spin on your products.

For example, you could choose to create a unique neck label for your garments. Small details can make a big difference when it comes to attracting new customers.

It Helps You Build a Stronger Brand

As we mentioned earlier, private labeling helps you build a stronger brand. By putting your own branding on the shirt, you’re able to better control how customers perceive your brand.

Private labeling allows you to create a more consistent look for your brand across all products. This is important because it makes your brand recognizable and trustworthy in the eyes of consumers.

It Increases Customer Loyalty

Another benefit of private labeling is that it can help increase customer loyalty. When customers wear shirts with your brand on them, they’re effectively walking around as human billboards for your business.

This exposure can lead to more sales and word-of-mouth marketing for your business. In turn, this can help you build a loyal customer base that will continue to support your business for years to come.

It Makes Your Business More Profitable

Private labeling can also make your business more profitable in the long run.

Once you’ve built up a strong brand, you’ll be able to charge premium prices for your products. Customers are willing to pay more for products from brands they trust.

So, by private labeling your shirts, you’ll be able to sell them at higher price points and increase your profits.

It Allows You to Create a More Unique Product

When you add your own branding and neck labels, you can make your shirts stand out from the competition. It allows you to create a more unique product that consumers will be interested in purchasing.

If you want to produce a truly one-of-a-kind garment, you should consider using a cut-and-sew manufacturing process in tandem with private labeling. This will allow you to develop a unique garment pattern with the help of your manufacturer.

It Gives You More Control Over Your Inventory

When you work with a manufacturer, you can specify the exact number of shirts you need. This support gives you more control over your inventory and helps you avoid overstock.

If you work with the right manufacturer, you can scale up to produce as many garments as you need when your brand grows. When you choose a partner to work with, keep their private labeling capabilities and potential to scale

How to Private Label Your Garments

Private labeling is not difficult as long as you have the right connections, resources, and knowledge. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to private label your custom shirts:

1. Find the Right Manufacturer

It’s critical to find a manufacturing partner that can produce high-quality garments that meet your standards. You’ll want to work with a reputable company that has experience private labeling shirts.

Our team at Scrappy Apparel has over 16 years of experience in the industry. We can help you produce high-quality custom screen print shirts that meet your requirements.

Finding a manufacturer that can meet your desired quantity and specifications is also essential. Once you’ve found a few good options, you can request quotes and samples before making your final decision.

2. Design Your Shirt

After you’ve chosen your shirt style, it’s time to design it. You’ll want to create a unique design to your brand that will appeal to your target market. You can hire a professional to help you if you’re not a designer.

3. Choose Your Shirt Style

The next step is choosing the shirt style you want to private label. Hundreds of different shirt styles are available, so take some time to research the options and decide which is best for your brand. You’ll want to consider the type of fabric, fit, color, and neckline. You’ll also want to make key decisions about sleeves, pockets, and other design details.

4. Decide on Your Branding

Now it’s time to decide on your branding for the shirts. This includes your logo, tagline, and color scheme. You’ll want to make sure that your branding is cohesive and looks good on the shirt.

5. Create Your Neck Label

The next step is to create a neck label for your garments. This is a small piece of fabric sewn into the back of the shirt near the neckline. It’s integral to private labeling because it’s where you’ll place your brand’s name and logo.

No idea how to make a neck label? Don’t stress, here are two super easy ways to take that task off your to-do list:

Use Our Free Templates

You can use our free neck label templates to design your own labels. To access them, register for a free account, log in, and head to the download page.

Then, download the template you like, add your branding, and send it to us. We’ll print them out and sew them into your shirts.

Try Our Done-For-You Neck Label Service

With our neck label service, we’ll design and print your labels for you. All you have to do is provide us with your branding requirements, and we’ll take care of the rest. Of course, you’ll get to review and approve the final design before anything is printed.

And the best part? Our done-for-you neck label service only costs $75. (Yes, we know it’s the deal of the century.)

6. Place Your Order

Once you’ve chosen your manufacturer and decided on your shirt’s details, you’re ready to place your order. You’ll need to provide your manufacturer with your branding materials, shirt specifications, and desired quantity.

At Scrappy Apparel, we pride ourselves on our Brand Building Process (BBP), which you will go through each time you place an order with us. This helps to ensure that your shirts are exactly what you want and that the process is as smooth as possible.

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7. Receive Your Shirts

After your shirts are produced, they will be shipped to you from the manufacturer. Once you receive them, you can start selling them to your customers!

Now, let’s talk about turnaround times. Obviously, you have garments to sell, so you don’t want to wait 10 years for your shirts to arrive. But you also don’t want to sacrifice quality for speed.

At Scrappy Apparel, our turnaround times vary depending on the specific services you need, but our production speed is one of the fastest in the industry. Even better, our turnaround times are always accurate. You can count on your delivery to arrive when we say it will.

8. Start Selling Your Shirts!

You’ve made it to the final step: turning your t-shirts into profit!

There are many ways to sell your shirts, including setting up an online store, selling at trade shows and events, or working with retailers.

The best way to sell your shirts will depend on your specific business goals. But no matter how you choose to sell them, always remember to market your shirts effectively. After all, you want people to actually buy them!

Some effective marketing strategies include using social media, influencer marketing, and email marketing. You can also try giving away shirts for free or selling them at a discount to get people interested in your brand.

Bring Your Brand to Life With Our Private Labeling Service

Scrappy Apparel is your one-stop-shop for custom apparel and private labeling. We offer the highest quality materials at the best price possible to give you the most bang for your buck.

Our private labeling services allow you to put your brand on our shirts. This is an excellent way to make your shirts unique and stand out from the competition.

Our team of experts will also guide you through every step of the process, from ordering to delivery.

We’ll even consult you on design choices, branding, and marketing to give you everything you need to grow your t-shirt brand. Scrappy Apparel is not just a t-shirt printing company. We are a true partner in your success.

Still not convinced? Check out our portfolio and testimonials to see our work and what our satisfied customers have to say about their projects.

If you’re interested in private labeling your shirts, request a free quote from our team today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and help you get started.

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