When we think of brand awareness, a lot of questions come to our minds. How to position the brand value? How to communicate the brand vision? How to present the brand logo? How to inform the potential customers about the brand’s assets? And more… But what’s worth investing time and brain is to think about how to craft your brand image!
After all, brand image plays a vital role in keeping and increasing your business value.
And to answer the question mentioned above, we would simply say that branded apparel is an excellent solution in creating a unique and lasting impression for your brand.  Custom branded apparel is trending nowadays because of its flexibility, ease of use, and availability. Placing your brand logo on apparel makes it look niche, chic, and stylish, and at the same time,  it is good for brand awareness without being pushy! Still not convinced? Let’s see the benefits of custom branded apparel.

Reasons: You Must Opt for Custom Logo Business Apparel


1. Brand Awareness

As mentioned earlier, custom branding helps in increasing your brand awareness. It is a great strategy to imply if you are planning to spread the word about your venture. Especially if you notice that wearables are a kind of walking advertising board. One may not notice but wearing any brand on your tee makes the onlooker notice you and the brand logo. Otherwise, why would big brands like LV or Armani be making t-shirts with max font size! (Just saying…)

2. Building Relationship

Custom logo apparels are a good gift for your clients and employees because it shows that you care. Gifting a tee with a one-of-a-kind design (your logo) creates an opportunity for a lasting relationship with your brand. Every time they are going to wear a tee, they will remember your brand. Building a joyous relationship with your client and employees pays off well because it gives the feeling of loyalty and retention. Now, why would you not choose custom branding?

3. Low-Cost Marketing Technique

Presenting yourself on a huge billboard near a highway is a nice marketing technique. But calculating the amount to be paid for the same gives you a heartbreak. And what if it rains? We would not like anybody to get distracted on a highway during a rain! And so… your big banner ad vanishes in a jiffy or approximately at the speed of a car running on that highway.
However, you can be visible in a quite dramatic way when you choose the inexpensive marketing strategy of custom logo branded apparel. Now, unlike other marketing forms which have a rather shorter lifespan, customized branded apparel is designed to be used, washed, and used again! Watching the same brand repeatedly in your office premises, in a subway, or the metro will increase the brand’s visibility. And even if nobody knows it, the custom branding will leave them curious.
And since this is a cost-effective and efficient way of marketing, we think we know the winner!

Insight: Custom Logo Business Apparel

According to ASI’s Global Impressions Study of 2019, U.S. consumers were asked which promotional products they currently own, and the results were mind-blowing.
The report further mentioned that nearly 9 in 10 consumers report owning promotional items with branding. And figuring out the details of custom logo branded apparel, the same report mentioned that 80% of consumers owned promotional t-shirts. Additionally, it mentioned that 63% of consumers keep their promotional branded customized logo t-shirts for over a year, with 47% keeping them for 2 years and longer.
Overall, the report claims that custom promotional t-shirts generate 3400 (number of) impressions throughout their lifetime. And millennials report owning 5 custom logo branded t-shirts at a time. We hope you can do the math here onwards!

Tips: Ordering Custom Logo Business Apparel

#Tip No. 1: Understand Your Audience

Custom logo business apparel can be made with a lot of creativity. However, before designing it, you must understand your target audience. It can be for Gen Xers, Millennials, or the decision-makers of a company. So, think about who you are targeting. Also, the gender because it has been noticed that 76% of women tend to keep their branded polos because they find them attractive. Also, as per the report, Gen Xers own 3 promotional polo t-shirts, whereas millennials own only 1. So, you have a little homework to do before signing the cheque!

#Tip No. 2: Know The Event

It is highly unlikely that you would not know what the custom apparel is for? Can it be a corporate event? Employee Recognition? Labor-intensive activity? Or an everyday routine! If you are planning to order custom logo branded business apparel for your employees or clients, then you must know the quality of the event in order to select the fabric, design, etc.
For example, you would want to opt for comfortable wear with a visible logo for an employee recognition program. However, a plain, solid, collared tee with a minimal logo would do wonders for a round table meeting.
Thus, your second tip will be to know the event thoroughly, and if it is divided into categories, then your order must contain designs for all the events.

#Tip No. 3: Be Specific About the Gender

Did you know that men’s formal shirts have buttons on their right while women have them on the left? Surprised!
While this is not a great difference that one may notice (every) now and then, this makes a huge difference in the design and placement of the logo. In fact, an exclusive pro-tip that women’s apparel tends to run smaller than men’s apparel. So, the next time you plan to place an order, get the ratio of men to women; otherwise, you may end up with an uncalled-for lot of men-only custom apparel and nothing for the women.

#Tip No. 4: Seek Advice of a Professional

It looks rather easy to design a custom tee. All you need is to place your logo on the top right corner of a custom tee. That’s it. Well, no! This will be a disaster. Don’t try it (at any cost).
Designing a custom logo business apparel is much more complicated than you might think. However, you don’t have to go through the hassles if you invite advice from a specialist who would suggest you the fabric, color, placement of logo, etc. Branded custom logo apparel is not just about a polo t-shirt. It is an art that will make your company logo stand out. And who would not want that after investing some time, money, and energy!

#Tip No. 5: Explore the Options

You may be thinking, what are the options? To give you a little idea, you are going to represent your brand with that piece of custom printed logo apparel. It will be what people will connect you to. And we think you would not want to be named with just another promotional apparel. Making it unique is what you need. And thus, we suggest exploring the options for logo placement or combining the colors. Suggest to your professional what you would like your apparel to look like. It is your brand name at stake. Make the most of it.


A brand is what you make of it. And we firmly believe that making your presence felt in a world full of startups and booming ventures is a tough deal. However, we also trust that a little hard work and thinking through will take your brand to greater heights. We are elated at the thought that ideas like these, where your simple brand logo can be turned into a successful marketing tool, are the strategy to go for in this ever-changing world of fashion, social media, and branding. So, we suggest you try this unique method for your branding and see for yourself the reach and retention of your brand logo with simple custom logo branding apparel.