Ordering Custom Printed T-shirt

Customized t-shirts have been a trending outfit for a long time now. People love printed tees for events and occasions. Be it a birthday, farewell, office team outing, July 4th, or simply Groundhog’s Day, printed costumes and t-shirts capture all the attention. And while we are talking about printed t-shirts, we often don’t pay much heed to the entire process of getting your favorite tee printed.

If you think about it, a printed t-shirt looks like a simple affair. Select a design, ask for the cost, pay the amount, wait for the order, and finally receive the order. That’s it!

Well, t-shirt printing needs a lot of focus on the design, logo, colors, fabric, style options, sizes, and more. You would be amazed at just how many different types of t-shirt options there are.

To answer that, last we checked, there were almost 20 different styles. While we plan to tell you in detail all these types, we suggest you sit back on your chair and let the checklist begin for your next custom t-shirt printing order.

The Checklist


A t-shirt is a piece of fabric to cover your body. But what makes it important is the reason for which you are wearing it. You cannot wear just any t-shirt for any random occasion. In order to get a printed tee, you must first learn about the occasion. T-shirt design depends a lot on occasion it is for.

For example, you may want a different t-shirt design for a bachelor party than for a rock concert outing with your friends or a team outing with your colleagues.

So, the first milestone is to understand the reason or occasion and decide accordingly.

Custom Printed T-shirt


Money is the most significant deciding factor, so knowing the budget is important. It may be that your payment is made on the company’s account, or maybe you, along with friends, are chipping in. Some may be ok with $50 per t-shirt, whereas some may want to order in bulk to get even lower prices.

Therefore, before moving to our next step, zero in on individual or bulk orders on the final budget.


The Service

Printing a t-shirt is an art that not everyone and every machine can perform with perfection. An expert would know better which machine or printing method has the best result depending upon your customization. So, you must decide which service suits you best.

machine printing

Choose Your Style

Here comes the interesting part. Choose which kind of t-shirt style you want. As mentioned earlier, there are almost 20 different t-shirt styles to choose from. Some of them are Basic half sleeve t-shirt, Long sleeve t-shirt, Crew neck t-shirt, Polo collar t-shirt, V-neck t-shirt, Wide neck t-shirt, Cut sleeve t-shirt, Yoke neck t-shirt, Boyfriend t-shirt, Henley collar t-shirt, Baseball t-shirt, Turtle neck t-shirt, Jersey t-shirt, and more.

Now you know why we were amused! All these we see and hear but don’t pay much attention to. However, when it comes to making a checklist, we know what is important to note down.

Pick the Fabric

Now, you may think about what is in the fabric. A t-shirt is a t-shirt! But, no.

Fabric plays a very vital role, and each fabric has its unique characteristic. For example, you can’t wear non-breathable fabric for a football session. Similarly, can you see yourself wearing a jersey t-shirt fabric to a corporate meeting? We see the grin!

Also, you must know that a slippery fabric may consume more time than rigid or cotton fabric that holds still. Depending on the purpose of the print, you must select the fabric as some fabrics work well on formal occasions while others perform better in casual settings.

Also, since we are talking about fabric, it is important to know that the higher the thread count, the softer the fabric. So, you don’t have to waste money on high thread count if you don’t need it.


Choose Your Design

Yes, the time has come… show us your creativity!

We are in a time where what we wear decides our identity. We can make or break the trend with our design, which also reflects on our brand character. A design usually encompasses a mix of color, graphics, typography, print results, and more. You can go all-in with your creative juices, or you can consult an expert to guide you through.

If nothing clicks your mind, you can simply submit a request, and an expert can design a print dedicated to meet your requirements. This is the magic of a customized printed t-shirt. Anything is possible!

Printed T-shirt

Billing and Payment

You can relax as all the brainstorming parts are done. And now all you have to do is wait for the invoice for your project. Excited much! We all are. It feels so good when you pay for the order and wait to receive it. That feeling of expecting the courier any day gives us serious goosebumps… So, what are you waiting for? Pay the mentioned amount for the printer to start the machine.

Remember the good old days of Jukebox! Something like that. (Just Kidding!)

Posing in the right customized t-shirt made with love and a lot of hard work feels really good. It is not only essential to suit the event but also, we don’t want you to be caught wearing the wrong fabric on a hot sunny day or a windy evening. As we have been saying that clothes make your identity, we want you to pay attention that we make sure that you also stand out when you step out in a customized t-shirt.

We understand the need for every brand to be visible and make an impression every time, and thus, we made this checklist for your convenience. We hope that this guides you well and helps orient you about the process of ordering customized t-shirts for your company or event.