When most people think of Netflix, they think of the giant streaming platform with exclusive shows and low monthly subscription fees.

However, there is another profitable pillar of the Netflix business model. As of June 2021, the brand has officially entered the merchandise sector by launching Netflix.shop. The online site features exclusive collectibles and high-quality merchandise tied to the brand that cannot be found anywhere else.

Let’s break down Netflix.shop’s marketing strategy, including its use of influencers to promote the brand, and the importance of having a strong merchandise fulfillment partner when selling custom apparel.

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The Rise of Netflix

Since its arrival on the streaming market over a decade ago, Netflix has become a major force in entertainment. Thanks to its library of classic and original shows, it’s been able to solidify itself as a go-to for viewers looking for quality entertainment.

According to Licensing International, about $128 billion was spent on licensed goods associated with shows, movies, and characters in the worldwide entertainment sector in 2019. Since Netflix is already a powerhouse in the industry, it was only a matter of time before the company capitalized on this popularity by launching an online store selling official Netflix merchandise.As its reach continues to grow, so does its fanbase. Netflix has reached a global customer base of over 203 million paying subscribers. Netflix’s huge fan base provides an ideal platform for the company to market its products and drive sales. Not only does this make a lot of money for Netflix, but it also helps develop brand loyalty amongst viewers.

The Netflix merch shop is filled with items ranging from t-shirts and mugs to exclusive collectibles any fan would love.

All these products feature popular characters or logos from some of the most watched shows available on the platform such as Wednesday, Stranger Things, and Narcos. The exclusive merchandise offers viewers new ways to engage with and display their love for their favorite shows.


Netflix’s Marketing Strategy

Netflix has successfully leveraged strategic marketing techniques to drive sales of its products, build customer loyalty, and increase brand visibility.

The company’s approach includes creating high-quality clothing and providing exclusive deals. By engaging influencers to promote its brand, Netflix has gained more exposure and allowed customers to exhibit their fandom in creative ways.

Netflix encourages customer engagement by offering discounts on their store items or providing special editions only available through the platform. Through these initiatives, Netflix has reached a wider base of potential customers and generated sustained interest in its products.

Netflix’s marketing strategy has undoubtedly strengthened its visibility across all platforms, while at the same time, offering fans new ways of expressing their love for Netflix productions via branded items that suit their style.

Netflix’s marketing strategy of promoting merchandise through influencers has allowed them to achieve great success in selling its products.

According to Epsilon’s research, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences. When customers feel like they are part of something exclusive, their enthusiasm increases, and they are more likely to make purchases that are associated with their favorite shows or celebrities.

This feeling of exclusivity is something that Netflix has capitalized on by offering exclusive deals on limited-edition items and working with influencers to encourage sales from their store.

The success of Netflix.shop is an example of how powerful brand loyalty can be when it comes to sales.

By providing customers with unique products and offering promotional opportunities, Netflix has been able to take advantage of its massive audience to drive sales and create a sense of community among its users.

This strategy has undoubtedly helped the company reach even greater heights in terms of both revenue and popularity.

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Using Influencers to Promote Your Brand

Brands can take notes from Netflix.shop and follow their business model. By engaging with influencers, any brand can reach a broader audience and attract sales.

With the rise of digital platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and TikTok, more people are becoming social media stars than ever before.

These content creators have substantial fan bases who are passionate about supporting them, making them ideal candidates for advertising merchandise.

With their fans’ loyalty, the influencer and brand can earn profits from custom apparel. Brands can also benefit from influencers by leveraging their online presence to promote events and campaigns.

Brands should utilize influencers to promote their products. After designing custom merch for your business, you can work with influencers to show off your brand.

Influencers can create valuable video content to sell more apparel.

For example, they could feature t-shirts in a try-on haul, or they could produce videos to review the products.

By leveraging strategies such as exclusive deals on limited-edition items paired with engaging promotional campaigns, content creators can help your brand create loyal customers who will keep coming back for more.

Why Fulfillment Services Are Essential

By providing a reliable and efficient fulfillment process, businesses can ensure customers receive their purchased items quickly, accurately, and in good condition. With a brand as large as Netflix, their fulfillment service needs to be top-notch to guarantee repeat business.

Delivery times are crucial when it comes to customer satisfaction and loyalty, so having access to an experienced fulfillment partner is key for any business that wants to stay competitive in the online marketplace.

While influencers and a great marketing strategy can attract customers, you will need to have a fulfillment service in place to deliver your custom apparel to customers. Luckily, that’s where we come in!

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