Do you ever wonder how the world was introduced to t-shirts?

The very existence of this iconic staple in American fashion dates back to the late 19th century when t-shirts were originally designed as an undergarment by the laborers who would cut their jumpsuits to half during summers to keep cool.

The term ‘t-shirt’ was first introduced in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s published novel This Side of Paradise. Later, the (now) most ubiquitous apparel - ‘t-shirt’ was accepted as an outer garment.

What is a Jersey T-shirt?

Speaking of t-shirts, there is one type that means something very different than their generic usage (as seen). Curious? Well, we are talking about ‘Jersey T-shirts’.

Does that ring any bells? No.

When we say the word Jersey, our mind automatically starts to imagine lean and energetic players wearing printed t-shirts in vibrant colors. But in reality, the jersey has nothing to do with any sport in particular.

Traditionally, Jersey refers to an item of knitted clothing, usually made from wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers. Earlier, jerseys were made from worsted wool yarn, which was also used to make coats because they were stretchy (in nature).

In fact, you would be amazed to know that this fabric is used to make underwear, bedding, sweaters, dresses, blouses, polo shirts, sweatpants, and athletic wear because these are compliant with printing and customization.

Jersey T-shirt

Popularity of Jersey T-Shirts

Coming back to Jersey t-shirts, one must know that this fabric is mostly used as sportswear because it is very warm, soft, comfortable, flexible, and very insulating, making it a popular choice.

Another reason why many people like to wear jersey fabric is the stretch factor. It is amazing how this fabric can stretch up to 25 percent along its grain. This gives you another advantage (along the line) of customizing your jersey’s print. Since it is a flexible and adaptable material, jerseys have a vast field for customization.

Jersey T-Shirts

Customized Jersey T-shirts

Have you noticed how beautiful the colors and print look on your favorite soccer team jerseys? Well, partly it is because the fabric is very adaptable and the other part is the printing technique.

When it comes to tailoring your jersey, you can play with colors. As you may have noticed team jerseys are often vibrant in color to stand out from the crowd, and this is possible mainly because of sublimation printing. This also gives you space to include intricate detailing in your jersey, add logos, designs, abstract art, or absolutely anything.

While jersey fabric is very flexible when it comes to customization, one must notice that the printing technique is equally important.

Customized Jersey T-shirts

Usually, jersey t-shirts are printed using the sublimation printing process because of its many advantages like:

      • You get unlimited color options to choose from. Jerseys are often given vibrant colors for perfect photographic images
      • Sublimation printing has the ability to print-intricate all-over designs with less mess and on-point accuracy
      • The dye used in this printing technique is light in weight and therefore, the fabric stays soft always
      • Customization done through sublimation has excellent results. The print does not crack, peel, or fade with time
      • Sublimation printing is fabric friendly and thus increases the life of the customized t-shirt
      • This process is comparatively less costly and can be ordered in bulk to meet huge deliverable

jersey t-shirts are printing machine

Benefits of Custom Printed Jersey T-shirts

While personalized and customized jerseys are mostly associated with customers who are into sports; it is also important to focus on the ones who wear these t-shirts to casual gatherings, outings, or just to stay at home. Thus, we have jotted down a few benefits of customized jerseys.


In a big field, would you be able to recognize and differentiate between Juventus and Manchester United? Of course, yes. It is extremely crucial for teams to be recognizable (even from a long distance) and team logos, color designs, sponsor names, etc. should be clearly visible. This is useful not only for the team but also for their fan club.

Freedom of Customization

Players wear jerseys full of intricate designs, logos, sponsor logos, and so on. However, if it is about your company’s team jersey (for those Friday-evening team outings), you may want to go for a simpler version with a straightforward approach. And this is where we say, customized jersey t-shirts are meant for all. You have all the freedom in the world to design your team t-shirts as you wish.


Is it about a bachelor’s party or a fun outing with your childhood buddies? Uniformity creates a beautiful relationship amongst the people. It not only looks great but brings out real emotions. It is essential to customize jerseys for the whole group to achieve certain uniformity. And bulk orders are often inexpensive,saving you a lot of cash.

Also, the same color creates a theme, and let’s not fool anyone.Theme-based parties have been a hit forever!

Team Spirit

The same design and the same color give you strength as a team. And if you are aiming to win your corporate sports championship, thengear up as one team and customize your jerseys to dominate the opposite teams.

And while you are at it, don’t forget to add your company logo on those customized jerseys to gain more traction on your website and curiosity for your brand presence. It works like magic!

Jersey t-shirts are customizable and light-in-weight. The advantages are not just limited to being great to wear fabric, but these t-shirts are also good to print on, as suggested in this article. As the finished product is classy, intricate, smooth on the outside, and comfortable for long wear, it turns out to be a popular choice amongst millennials.