We all have some t-shirts that are either too simple or are out of fashion. Usually, they do not get to see the daylight, and we end up wearing the same clothes again and again or spend thousands every month in the shopping mall.

But hey, worry no more. We understand you, and that’s why we are here with some absolutely dapper tips to make your basic tee turn fashionable in minutes!

You don’t believe us? Let’s discuss the tips further then.

Layer Up

Yes, you guessed it right!

There is nothing basic about a basic tee. It is all in the head. So, put a layer on it too. (Ha Ha)

As we were saying, layers are a great way to accentuate your basic t-shirt. Adding layers with your simple tee adds jazz to your overall fashion sense and makes even the most basic tee look trendy.

Layering Tip: Wear full sleeves contrast tee under short/half sleeves basic tee. You can play with different textures to add more vibrance

Layer Up

Match Made in Heaven

Sometimes you may notice that your friend looks good in a plain white t-shirt with a pair of jeans while it doesn’t go as well with you. This is completely a matter of body type. So, you really don’t have to throw away that simple tee at the back of the almirah.

Instead, what you can do is pair it up with different bottoms. If a pair of denim is not working, couple it with a skirt. If denim is not looking great, go for leather. There is always a way out. All you have to do is keep your options open.

Pairing Tip: Use contrast color and fabric. The same fabric in both the top and bottom may not look awesome all the time.

Power Dye

If you think your tee is too basic and you regret buying it in the first place… well, there is a midway – Dye! Adding DIY colors to your basic tee can be both – fun and interesting. You can take your simple solid tee and add bright colors for a different look and feel. While choosing a color or combination of colors, keep in mind an overall feel for your new project.

Dying Tip: Pastel colors give a summer feel, while dark colors give a winter feel to the dyed t-shirts.

dyed t-shirts.

Accessorize for Fun

Simple tee has a big advantage when it comes to accessorizing it. You can easily pair it with a chiffon stole, a cute hat, a pair of funky sunshades, and more. The ideas are endless, and the accessorizing depends on person to person. One may like to use bold, bright colors, while somebody else may like to keep it subtle. All this is entirely a personal choice, but accessorizing is surely going to add style to your fashion.

Accessory Tip: Semi-transparent materials like chiffon or georgette are really good for stoles as they keep the visibility of design over your basic tee. Keeping the soul of the tee while making it look ravishing

Statement Jewelry

Make all the difference in your regular basic tee look with an addition of statement jewelry. Chokers, leather wrist bands, black metal earrings, and so much more. Statement jewelry is so trendy these days that finding them won’t be a struggle. They come in a variety of ranges and designs. And believe it when we say that adding a piece of statement jewelry will change your grocery shopping look to a movie-goer look in just a few seconds. Next time, have a few pieces of statement jewelry handy while traveling to your routine job and change your look dramatically at a finger’s snap

Jewelry Tip: One piece of jewelry can be paired with different t-shirts. So, buying a few would go a long way.

Denim Forever

You may not realize, but types of denim have been a favorite of many when it comes to the basic tee crisis. Trendier the denim, trendier your look even if you are wearing a nightmarishly boring basic tee. Choose from ripped to washed to dyed. Be it skinny fit, bootcut, or boyfriend fit. All types of denim are a savior. If you doubt, just simply pick any basic tee from your wardrobe and put it next to your favorite pair of denim, and see the magic happen!

Denim Tip: The tip is that there is no tip when it comes to types of denim. Light or dark, all kinds of basic tees are suitable for all colors of denim

Fashionably Oversize

Wearing oversized tees has long been in fashion for all the right reasons. It hides your flaws, makes you look extremely à la mode, gives you a rather hip look, and oh, that style is so catchy that even if you know you are not going to turn heads, that tee of yours is surely going to change that notion. Be prepared!

Oversize Tip: When buying an oversized t-shirt, do not worry about the size. Go as much oversize as you are comfortable because oversize means it does not have to fit you at all. Thus, there is no guide to decide how oversize can a t-shirt be, but you can just wear it and see for yourself.

Casual Look

Want to know how to be trendy in your casual look with just your basic tee? Team it with sneakers and track pants. Come on, don’t shy away. Track Pants are the first choice for fashion forwards. It is comfy, gives you a lazy yet fresh look, highlights your stats, and completes the look of your basic tee in a casual outing style. Just try it once!

Casual Tip: Track Pants are mostly dark in color so try to make a contrast while pairing to highlight the style.

Jackets in Vogue

If you think that nothing works for your basic tee looks and that you will end up looking outdated, then wait and read here. Get a jacket!

We are not kidding. Pull a jacket that compliments your tee and either wear it, hang it on shoulders and tie it on the waist and let the style police make a statement in your favor. Jackets are the best way for a hide-n-seek of your basic tee ramp walk. Go try…

Jacket(-ing) Tip: A bomber jacket looks as cool as a jeans jacket. Depending on the weather, go for either or other jacket styles and make your look noticeable.

Suit Up

Keeping the best for the last – pick your basic tee and suit up. Many celebrities do this, and so can you. Wearing your basic tee inside your favorite suit is trendier than any other fashion style. It looks so chic, smart, and fashionable that one can’t just explain in words.

Suiting Tip: Checks of all kinds look extremely stylish over basic tees as they complete the look in a natural way.


Imitating a fashion statement is not a child’s play. It takes a lot of patience, creativity, and a change of clothes before you zero in on a final look. However, we hope that this small guide will help with deciding on which style to follow and look ravishing, up-to-the-minute trendy, and fashionable. Try all of these looks at home before heading out and tell us if you do not fall in love with yourself (again and again).