Leaves are changing colors, the wind is feeling crisp… fall is definitely in the air! 

And that means it’s time to start thinking about fall fashion.

If you’re an apparel brand, that means making sure your collections are ready for the cooler weather. Your marketing and merchandising need to reflect the change in season.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be here before you know it. Is your brand ready for the holiday rush? Today, we’re going to share a few tips to help you capitalize on the fall season and prepare for the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

Let’s dive in!

seasonal insights

Seasonal Insights for Apparel Brands

Here are some key insights that will help you master your merchandising and marketing strategies this fall:

What is Seasonality?

Seasonality is the term used to describe how sales of a product or service vary throughout the year. For apparel brands, seasonality typically refers to the changing of seasons and how that affects customer demand.

Most apparel brands combine the four seasons into two categories: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Each season brings different fashion trends, weather patterns, and customer behavior.

Understanding seasonality is important for apparel brands because it can help them make better decisions about everything from product design to marketing and sales.

Does Seasonality Exist for T-shirt Brands?

T-shirts can be worn year-round. While there are definitely seasonal trends in t-shirt design (think: Christmas t-shirts in the winter), people generally don’t think of t-shirts as seasonal items in the same way they do coats or swimsuits.

However, t-shirt brands need to be aware of how the demand for t-shirts fluctuates with the seasons. For example, the demand for t-shirts tends to be higher in the summer months because people are more likely to be wearing them when the weather is warm.

Insights to Pay Attention to This Fall

This season, your apparel brand needs to pay attention to:

  • Back-to-school: This is a key time for sales, so make sure your collections are ready.
  • Fall fashion weeks: This is your opportunity to get your brand in front of major industry influencers.
  • Changing weather: Make sure your marketing and merchandising reflect the change in temperatures.
  • Trends: Keep an eye on the latest fashion trends to make sure your collections are on point.

fall season

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Preparation Tips

Fall is also the time to start thinking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday – two of the biggest shopping days of the year. Consumers are looking to buy discounted clothing and other items on these days, so apparel brands need to be prepared.

You want to start your preparation as early as possible to attract customers and get their business away from competitors. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Survey Your Inventory in Advance

Fall is the time to survey your inventory and make sure you have enough units to meet customer demand. You need to know where your inventory stands so you can have enough merchandise to meet the demand of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Identify Slow and Fast Movers

As you survey your inventory, make sure to identify which items are selling quickly and which ones are sitting on the shelves. This will help you make sure you have enough of the right items to sell on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You don’t want to accidentally order too many units of a product that isn’t going to sell well.

Plan Your Promotions Around Inventory

Once you know what you have in your inventory, you can start planning your Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions. If you have a lot of units of a certain item, you may want to run a discount on that item. Or, if you have limited quantities of an item, you may want to offer it at full price.

Regardless of how you choose to promote your products, make sure you have a plan in place so you can make the most of these big shopping days.

fall sales

How to Make the Most of Fall Sales

Fall is a great time to boost your sales, but you need to make sure you’re prepared. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of fall sales:

Make Data Your Friend

Data is a powerful tool for understanding consumer behavior and making decisions about your products and promotions.

Use data to understand which items are profitable and popular with your consumers. This information can help you make decisions about what to promote and how to price your products.

You can also gather data on timing. You can see which times of the day or days of the week your products are selling the most. This information can help you optimize your promotions and make sure you’re reaching your target audience at the time when they’re ready to buy.

Focus on Key Demographics

Keep in mind that certain demographics are more likely to shop online than others. For example, millennials value the convenience of eCommerce. So, if you’re targeting this demographic, make sure your online presence is strong.

Pay Attention to Global Trends

Fall is also a good time to pay attention to global trends. The athleisure trend is still going strong in many parts of the world.

Similarly, the “see now, buy now” trend is also gaining momentum. This trend allows consumers to purchase items immediately after they see them on the runway.

Another global trend to keep an eye on is the rise of digital natives. These consumers are comfortable shopping online and are used to buying items with just a few clicks.

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