Pandemic and Face Mask

In the older days, wearing a face mask in public was rarely seen.However, it became the most sought-after product when the world faced the fatal disease of Covid-19 and wearing a face mask became essential. Now as the world begins to ease the lockdown restrictions after the strong attack of Corona virus, face masks have become more and more visible on the streets.

It has become such an ecessity that when in history, one will talk about the Covid-19 outbreak, the narrative will also mention the boom in the demand for custom face masks and their effective role in saving the world

As observed, many Americans continue to wear face masks even after relaxation from the government and health regulatory bodies because these masks protect them from a deadly pandemic. And so, these face masks became the ‘new normal’.

Face Mask: A Fashion Trend

There was a time when people were reluctant to wear face masks and then all of a sudden it started to appear at the forefront of fashion trends. As they say, if you can’t change something you don’t like, then make it look fashionable. Since then, many designers have emerged with customized face masks and branded face masks. They mostly use the sublimation printing process for customization and printing on the fabric for the longevity of the print and outstanding results. And the adoption of this trend developed…

Face Mask A Fashion Trend

Celebrities Promoting Fashion Trend of Branded Face Masks

Billie Eilish

wore a fluorescent green Gucci branded face mask at Grammy Awards to support the use.

Ariana Grande

shared on her social media a pic wearing a disposable brandedface mask by the brand Evolvetogether.

Queen Elizabeth

worea face mask for the firsttime during the Remembrance Day event.

Tom Hanks

once said in a press release, “There’s really only three things we can do in order to get to tomorrow: Wear a mask, social distance, wash our hands”. He publicly supports the use of face masks.

Celebrities Promoting Fashion Trend of Branded Face Masks

Face Mask: A Marketing Tool

While talking about Tom Hanks, we remembered, that almost a year ago, when Hanks was recovering from the Coronavirus, his son Colin came into the limelight because of making face masks from household items. He also shared a tutorial on ‘how to turn kerchiefs into coronavirus masks.’.

And he is not the only one who thought of that. There are many DIY videos to make a face mask because believe it or not, customized face masks look cool now. They can easily replicate your mood, brand, appearance, and your credibility.

Face mask in itself indicates that you are responsible, and with a customized branded face mask, you are (literally) making it visible that you are a credible business resource.

Global Market of Facemask

The global face mask market size was valued at $6,792.0 million in 2019 and is estimated to reach $9,052.1 million by 2027 with a CAGR of -11.1% from 2021 to 2027. (Source:Face Mask Market Size, Share & Growth | Analysis Forecast, 2021- 2027)

Global Market of Facemask

Benefits of Custom Facemasks for Businesses


With lockdown restrictions getting revoked and workplaces begin to re-open, people are a little apprehensive about gatherings, traveling, social distancing, and keeping safe. Taking advantage of this opportunity and making a more welcoming environment, companies can provide branded face masks to their customers, employees, staff, friends, and family.

Branded face masks are a good way to make the known ones feel safe and part of the team. It shows you care, taking all the necessary steps to make the place safe, and builds a healthy relationship.

Brand Recognition

Do you have a branded staff uniform? Or a company t-shirt that your staff wears sometimes? Well, why don’t you complete the look and keep your brand recognition on top priority!

As customized face masks are becoming a fashion statement, add branded face masks to the usual uniform keeping the branding consistent, and ensure that your brand logo or motto is instantly recognizable to onlookers.


Disposable masks can only be worn once, whereas a reusable mask can be washed and worn again. So, don’t add up to the pile of trash and choose cotton and blended fabric for a safe and more environment-friendly approach with your logo shining bright.

Smart Advertising

Companies pay 100-thousand dollars on billboards, newspaper ads, tv and radio ads. However, here is your chance of smart advertising with customized face masks for businesses.

If done with the sublimation printing process, these custom face masks become comparatively low-in-cost advertisements and are easily spread through employees and customers. As the results of sublimation printing are stunning, the chances of your face mask getting more eyeballs is much higher than you can anticipate.

Professional and Visible

During a face-to-face interaction, the other party always looks at your face. And what could be better than having your logo visible right on your face with a custom face mask for businesses!

It looks more professional than just wearing a regular mask, enhances visibility for your brand and the retention value.

Professional and Visible facemaskA clean custom face mask with branding has become equivalent to a gentleman’s clean and polished shoes. People notice; people judge, and people believe you based on that. So, while the trend is on, take the lead and get customized face masks for your business. It is safe and stylish!