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As we are trying to cope with the challenges of the current times, every community in America is facing another hurdle of keeping their houses maintained for the unprecedented crisis. As per a research conducted by SHRM’s Covid-19 Business Index (Source: Navigating COVID-19 with SHRM), a whopping 64% of US employees are working from home during the pandemic and lockdown.

Now as the demand rises, so does the supply for home maintenance and improvement companies. While we all know that there are a number of companies in this business, a simple question arises,why will a customer reach out to you? And the answer is even simpler, through proper branding!

Why is Branding important?

Branding exemplifies your company’s personality, and when it comes to home improvement, it is essential that your branding feels genuine and personal. There is no shortage of home improvement companies in the market. When you search for one home improvement company, you get a list of successful many. But what makes you different from  the crowd of crème de la crème?

To begin with, you expect to receive welcoming projects and prospects and for this, you must do custom branding that is unique, eye-catching, and has a hint of personal touch.

We suggest you should follow the trend of customized printed t-shirts for the glam and genuine approach.


Custom Printed T-Shirts

While it is no more a secret that customized printed t-shirts are a brilliant way to express yourself, it is worth noting that it is your personal design and thus inimitable. Also, it is a lot better to advertise without highlighting the obvious.

Why you should have customized printed t-shirts:

  • Customized printing adds to the value of the brand
  • Form team spirit and looks professional
  • Builds trust in the target audience
  • Advertise your company in a positive light

The list could go on,but we want to create a solid foundation of understanding so that you do not flounder.

Custom Printed T-Shirts

Advantages of Customized Printing

Again, branding is all about giving your home improvement company a character and a story. When you wear a custom t-shirt (without fail), the first thing people notice is the color, design, and message on the t-shirt. This visual marketing approach is a subtle way to sneak into the minds of your prospective customers.

Once your design and logo settle into the back of their mind, the rest of the path is much easier to walk.

While we are at customized apparel, we must not forget to introduce the very ‘new normal’ trend of face masks. Yes, you read it right, and you must have noticed that face masks have become the new fashion trend due to the current and ongoing situation of the pandemic.In fact, these days, they are often customized to compliment the dress you are wearing.

Gone are the days when people were reluctant about wearing face masks. Celebrities like Billie Eilish, Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathway, and Tom Hanks have made it a super cool accessory. There are many brands and designers who are dedicatedly tailoring face masks for celebrities.

And as face masks are a hot topic, we would like to draw your attention towards it.

Customized Printing

Printed Face Masks

Custom design tells a lot about you and your attitude. Take face masks for instance, it says that you are responsible. You are careful not just about your well-being but also about the strangers you are meeting in the subway or the metro.

Printed face masks take you a notch higher with the custom print that stands out. For the spectator, one – you are wearing a mask so you are quite reliable (keeping the current times in mind). Two – your brand is right in front of their eyes. No, they cannot skip this. It is right there. Period.

Did you know? The human brain can process an image seen for just 13 milliseconds. (Source: New Record for Human Brain: Fastest Time to See an Image | Live Science)

So, when you are wearing a printed face mask right on their face while talking to them even for 10 minutes, imagine how you have already captured a part of their attention without an extravagant investment (and yes, here we are talking about huge cash outflow on billboards and TV adverts)!

Printed Face Masks

The Myths of Custom Printing

Are you struggling with your decision about custom printing? Do the above-mentioned arguments fill you with hope, but your faint worries send your spirits crashing back to earth? Well, waffle no more.

Here are 5 major myths regarding custom printing busted for your comfort. After all, the home improvement industry is all about comfort, safety, maintenance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

  1. You can print absolutely any design in any color on your choice of fabric for absolute comfort
  2. If customized with dye sublimation printing,the print does not fade, peel, crack or get heavy.
  3. Printed t-shirts or face masks get increased shelf life depending on the printing technique.
  4. Sublimation printing is best for intricate designs with less wastage and accuracy.
  5. Customized printing is much cheaper than the outdoor or broadcast advertisement. And if you are planning for bulk orders, it is wise to go for the sublimation printing process to save even more on the expenses.

Custom Printing

The business of remodeling and home improvement is a tedious task that needs efficacy and perseverance. How you present yourself reflects on your brand name. And after careful observation and research, we are hopeful that our suggestion about custom printed t-shirts and printed face masks will help you grow your business even better.