Trendy style nowadays is all about how you fit in your idea of fashion in this ever-changing world. While one may say that ripped jeans are a fashion, the other may completely overrule the claim because it is not worth investing time and money on something already torn. While you laughed at this thought, we would like to draw your attention to a traditional fashion statement that has long been used but is never boring.

It is called embroidery!

You must be wondering how embroidery has become a trend? Well, to answer that, we all know that embroidery has been the art of decorating a piece of fabric using needles and thread or yarn. But, to go by the dictionary meaning, one may also say that it started as a pastime activity in the 11th century and has been in fashion since then.

However, it is pretty amazing to see how embroidery has traveled so far and has changed beautifully according to the changing taste of the fashionistas. To scale the changes, we can say that once what was an art of tapestry is now used to funk up types of denim to jazz up the look.

Common Problems with Embroidery

As mentioned earlier, embroidery is an art. And like any other art, it has a learning curve, and only experts can produce a flawless, pinstripe-sharp embroidered product. And while you may think about why we emphasize having an expert to stitch for you, we have all the problems listed for you.

1. Insufficient Knowledge:

One of the most common problems you may face with an embroidered good is using the wrong needle or number of strands. This results in different line thicknesses and gives an improper design. Therefore, it is very important to consult an expert before you sign the cheque.

2. Incorrect Fabric:

Usually, surface embroidery requires a firm fabric, especially with a thread count of 28 or higher. However, suppose you do not know the nitty- gritty of embroidery. In that case, you may end up having poorly formed stitches, and even after investing a good amount of money, your product will look like a copy of the original.

3. Wrong Needle:

Common sense is not so common indeed. Some people accidentally choose a larger needle for a project that doesn’t require a big needle, and they end up with ugly holes in the fabric where the needle and thread travel. Similarly, having too small a needle can cause unwanted wear and tear to the fabric. Again, we suggest having an experts’ take on your project will save you a lot of money, time, and energy.

4. Knots in Embroidery:

Though it is not a killer; however, knots are (obviously) not meant to be a part of the embroidery. It is good to avoid knots. Instead, starting a new thread and hiding the previous knot within the process is wise. But as we say, who would know that? An expert who specializes in embroidery and has been in business for some time now.


5. Wrong Thread Thickness:

Now, similar to the wrong needle, wrong thread thickness can also cause a lot of harm to your embroidered piece and the fabric. To show off our knowledge of embroidery, we would suggest that thick threads are for bold lines while thin threads are for narrow fillings.



But enough of these rookie mistakes. We are here to give you solutions rather than the problem!

And now that you have a little knowledge about how your favorite design can go wrong on a piece of fabric, we would say that you must hire a professional for this job. Getting a custom embroidery is not an easy task. However, if you have assurance from the experts, then you can sit back and relax.

But how would you know who is perfect for your order?

Custom Embroidery Options with Scrappy

If you are looking for an on-point embroidery with zero mistakes and quick turnaround time, you must consult Scrappy Apparels. At Scrappy, we don’t take your design and start the work. We are patient and understand the basics. We know that embroidery is no roadside skill. And that is why we have a dedicated team of embroidery experts who are always ready to help the customers.

Scrappy follows a stringent process that lets the consumer design, approve, pay, and relax. The group of skilled specialists works with every customer on a one-to-one basis before finalizing the design. This is done so that there is no compromise on the design bit.

It is delightful to mention that you can choose from a bunch of cloth designs to get the embroidery on. For example, you can select from round neck t-shirts, polo neck t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, tank tops, crewneck sweatshirts, pull-over hoodies, zip-up hoodies, and even caps. So, next time if you are planning to get a sporty design on your cap, you know whom to reach out to!


The Process of Custom Embroidery with Scrappy

#Step 1:
If you are looking for brand awareness, embroidered apparel is a great way to go. And before we begin with designing, we give you a ballpark figure of the expenses you will make. As the first step, we will ask for the design that you want to get on your apparel. Once you share the design with us, we will get your artwork ready, and meanwhile, we will share a detailed estimate within 24 business hours.

#Step 2:
Once you get your quote, we will step up with connecting you to a skilled Scrappy representative who will then help with finalizing your design. In this step, he will guide
you through the details and the probable outcome. Which design looks good? What is the best way forward? How to get your design look incredible? etc., and you do not have to worry as he will answer all your queries till you are content.

#Step 3:
When you are fully satisfied with step 2, we will move forward with our next step of payment for your order. Please note that there is no minimum time here. You can think about your design and the number of articles you want to order and then make the payment. Scrappy is very customer-friendly, and it shows in our dealing as we do not have a large minimum order limitation. We can start with your order for as minimum as just 12 pieces for an order. Isn’t that great for starters!

#Step 4:
When you make the payment, just go back home and have a coffee to sit back and enjoy. We are very diligent and never skip the quality control stage before packing your order for delivery. We are one of the best companies to make bulk orders, and still, we make sure that each piece is thoroughly checked for even the minutest of mistakes.

And in no time (or say just 15 days!) you will receive your order at your doorstep for free. We use quality delivering standard service provided by UPS ground shipping for all our orders (within the US).

But hang on!

Do two weeks feel like a lot? Well, we sense the emergency, and that’s why we have an option to speed up your process with a small additional amount. You need to mention the same while placing the order along with your deadline so that we can ready our team to get even the last stitched letter within the time.


Embroidered products are a great way to amplify up your business. Especially because it adds a whole lot of value to a simple piece of fabric. Scrappy ensures works that the end product looks as premium as your company, and to make sure it does, we use specialty threads. We have a top-quality glow-in-the-dark thread from simple non-blingy to shiny metallic thread, and if you like to flaunt it wild, we have a top-quality glow-in-the-dark

We are excited, are you? Then come on, place your order and let the experts play the needle game!