Are you searching for custom t-shirts that don’t burn a hole in your pocket? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as usual. Although we know you’re always searching for cheap t-shirt printing options, we’re here to teach you why spending just a bit more will be better in the long run. Trust us–we have the expertise to steer you in the right direction.

Why cheap t-shirts are well, you guessed it, cheap.

We know a low price tag can be extremely eye-catching, but will the quality of the shirt match your expectations? Sure, a cheap t-shirt might be enticing, but what happens after you wash it once? It turns into a baby tee and some of us did not sign up for this look.

So, why is cheap t-shirt printing just not it? First and foremost, cheap t-shirts are often made from lower-quality materials because–you guessed it–they’re cheaper to get. That means your t-shirt is more likely to fade or shrink after a few washes. Unfortunately, your cheaply made band t-shirt will be a dim-colored shirt after two washes. 

Additionally, cheap t-shirts tend to be less comfortable than their higher-priced counterparts. They could feel stiff or scratchy and never just right. Why would you spend money on an uncomfortable piece of fabric when you can spend a bit more and have an article of clothing worth wearing? Not to mention, an uncomfortable, faded, and shrunken shirt will most likely get donated or thrown out. Next thing you know, you’ll see your old shirt on #Thrifted TikTok.

Another downside to cheap t-shirts is they typically don’t fit as well as more expensive t-shirts. Cheap t-shirts are often mass-produced and don’t take into account different body shapes and sizes. As a result, you might end up with a t-shirt that is too big or too small, or that just doesn’t look quite right. Why pay a cheaper price tag just to look bad and feel confined? 

One more reason why cheap t-shirts just aren’t a vibe–cheap t-shirts might not be as stylish as more expensive t-shirts. They tend to be made from less fashionable materials and cuts. Maybe this doesn’t matter to you, but some people (including us), like to walk around looking “So Fresh, So Clean.” (Alexa, play Outkast)

So, you’re better off spending more money on a t-shirt that will help you make a good impression. As we said, better materials mean they’ll last longer, so you can keep these stylish items of clothing in your closet for as long as you want. 

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What Scrappy Apparel can offer you

Now that cheap t-shirts are off the list, Scrappy comes into play. What can we offer you that sounds just as good? Well, we won’t offer you those very cheap deals, but we can offer you something better. Scrappy offers high-quality fabrics, bright colors, and amazing craftsmanship at a price that won’t break your pocket. If you’re not convinced, keep reading. 

We have some influential information coming your way that will 100% change your perspective. Quality over everything, people!

Ordering t-shirts in bulk for all over screen printing

When you order t-shirts in bulk with Scrappy Apparel, you get more than one win. Whether it be pricing, quality, or organization, ordering in bulk can really benefit multiple parts of your life (especially if you order with Scrappy Apparel). Let’s break down the benefits of ordering your custom t-shirts in bulk for all over screen printing. 

Save money– one of the most important benefits

That’s what started this all, right? Looking for an easy-on-the-pocket alternative to cheap t-shirt printing. Ordering in bulk with us helps you save money. Big bucks. 

When you order custom apparel in bulk, you’ll get a discounted price per item (or a price break). A price break is when you get a discount for purchasing a large quantity of something, like cool custom t-shirts. The more you buy, the bigger the discount, and that my friends, is the sweet sound of savings (cha-ching!).

This can be a great way to save money on your overall order. Scrappy Apparel has different minimum requirements for bulk orders with the all over screen printing minimum being 100 items. That means you and 99 other friends, colleagues, family members, or customers will have matching, quality t-shirts that’ll last. We think that’s a big win for us, you, and everyone else that gets a Scrappy Apparel t-shirt.

Maintain your inventory and stay organized

Are you planning for a big event and need enough t-shirts for everyone, even the indecisive ones that haven’t signed up yet? Are you making t-shirts for your office and need to keep in mind new employees getting added to the team? ​​When you order in bulk with Scrappy Apparel, you’ll have plenty of t-shirts to go around. 

Creating dope t-shirts with cool designs will not only entice your employees but will also encourage anyone around them to support your business or cause as well. Imagine this: every time someone wears one of your custom-made t-shirts, it’s essentially free advertising. Now, that’s a great investment if you ask us! 

Learn how to make custom apparel that your employees will be proud of wearing.

Now, creating t-shirts to represent and support your favorite sports team can be easy when you have a maintained inventory. When it comes to a sport like soccer, the best one in our opinion, it’s important to have quality merch that parents, siblings, and players will want. Keep in mind–new players will join the team, and with them, come new family members and supporters. This is an instance where ordering in bulk to maintain inventory is a huge win! Not to mention, you’re already winning with the price in itself.

Get what you want, exactly how you want it

When you order custom apparel in bulk, you have complete control over the consistency of the design, colors, and style of your gear. This means that you can create exactly the look you want without having to settle for something less.

Our Scrappy Apparel team of experts will always send you pre-layout designs to ensure everything is exactly where you want it to be! No need to lower your expectations for a mediocre design (that will fade after wearing it once) just because the shirt has a nice price tag.

When ordering in bulk, you can get amazing designs screen printed to perfection for you and your whole crew. If you’re looking for a truly customized look, ordering Scrappy Apparel in bulk is the way to go.

You’ll receive your custom bulk order faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

If excellent quality, competitive prices, and organized inventory aren’t enough to convince you to switch over to the bulk side, we’ll introduce you to one of our Scrappy superpowers: fast shipping.

After ordering in bulk, you’ll get your custom t-shirts straight to your doorstep in 15 to 20 days. That means you’ll get the perfect design with soft fabric and bright colors in 2 to 3 weeks. Isn’t that absolutely amazing?

You’re convinced, huh? Well, let’s make it better. Not only do your items get sent to your door, but they’re sent out free of cost. That’s right, FREE SHIPPING. So not only does ordering custom apparel in bulk save you money with a discounted price on your t-shirts, but you save even more with free shipping. 

Why we’re worth the price

Of course, we wouldn’t want you to pay more for t-shirts in bulk for all over screen printing without knowing why we’re a bit heavier on your pocket compared to cheap t-shirt printing. We will always be transparent with you and want to explain what makes our prices worth it. 

We have years of expertise 

We’ve got 16 years of experience to our name. That means we’ve had over a decade of learning the best practices for successfully printing custom apparel. Here at Scrappy Apparel, we pride ourselves on being experts in this matter and we also have many reliable client reviews that show their satisfaction with our work. You can say we’ve left a good foot “print” with the different people and businesses we have worked with in the past. 

We’ll always take the time to understand your specific needs and wants, and then use our extensive knowledge and experience to create the perfect piece of clothing for you. We’ll also be able to advise you on the best materials and construction methods to ensure that your garment looks and feels great! Not only do we want the best for you, but we will always give you our best. 

We work with the best factories and technology

Why are good machines essential to successful custom apparel? Well, for starters, they help ensure a high level of quality control. A high level of quality is the only level we ever match. Additionally, they can speed up the production process, which is essential when working with tight deadlines. As we mentioned before, we pride ourselves on quick and free shipping, so our machines allow our production process to be fast, clean, and spotless. 

Last, but not least, machines simply make the entire process more efficient and streamlined. In other words, good machines are the key to success when it comes to custom apparel. Our customer service team will guarantee perfection in your designs and our machines create the magic. 

Fabrics that are oh, so soft

With us, you pay for what you get. Well actually, you pay a good price and get even better fabrics. We only offer our clients the best fabrics in the business and let me tell you, they’re damn soft. 

One of our special fabrics, called Pima cotton, comes straight from Peru and it is one of the softest fabrics you will ever feel. Pima cotton is often used in high-end apparel, bedding, and other textile products. Imagine owning a luxurious feeling custom apparel t-shirt at such a reasonable and good price. No need to imagine, you can get it done right now with us. 

We always listen to our customers when it comes to choosing fabrics for our products. Our fabrics are softer than soft, and they’re guaranteed to be fan favorites. How else do you think we’ve been able to stay successful for this long? Quality is key. 

Inks and colors so bright you’ll need sunglasses

You know that Krabby Patty secret formula that everyone wants to know about because it’s the base for burger excellence? We don’t make burgers, but our secret ink formula will leave you wanting to know all of our secrets. 

Our inks are vibrant, long-lasting, and definitely worth every penny. We also offer a variety of inks depending on what vibe you’re going for. Your designs and logos deserve to shine bright on any piece of clothing they’re printed on. We’re committed to providing the best colors for your custom orders and you’ll never get less from us. 

Is cheap t-shirt printing worth the savings?

Now that we’ve shown you why cheap t-shirt printing isn’t really all that worth it, we hope you understand why spending a few more bucks is better in the long run. Sure, cheaper prices can be nice, but think of your custom apparel as an investment in your wardrobe for the long term. Spend your hard-earned money on apparel that is worth it and will last you through all your events.

We’re ready to take on any project you might have! If you’re also ready, click below and get your free estimate for your custom t-shirts in bulk for all over screen printing. It’s worth it, we promise. 

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